Bishop Odeleke @ 74, pleads for caution on media bashing of MFM leader

by Church Times

Founder of Christ Message Ministry, Bishop Bola Odeleke has said pastors who resort to police and court to settle cases concerning them don’t trust God enough to handle their matter.

She however warned against the media bashing of the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, while noting that “God will vindicate him if he is not guilty of accusations against him

Odeleke made her views known in a recent interview with Asabe Afrika monitored by Church Times.

Bishop Odeleke clocks 74 on June 19 (today) . She lost her husband; a top military officer who was a member of the Provincial Ruling Council during the government of Ibrahim Babangida in 1990. She has since had two failed relationships. Presently she remains unmarried.

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MFM founder

Responding to a question on what she thinks about the action of the MFM founder in resorting to the police to fight for him on civil matters, Odeleke said, “I heard the story. I have been looking for an opportunity to see Pastor Olukoya. I know him as a man of God. But then, I believe the stories flying around about him and the people making allegations against him should be treated with caution. We have only heard one side of the story.”

When asked if Olukoya’s action in taking people to court is right, Odeleke said, “Everybody has his calling.  If you are a servant of God, you are accountable to God. I only know about my calling. I mind my business. I know God who called me. I know what the Bible says. I know Olukoya as a man of God. But then I don’t have the full picture of what transpired so I can’t judge”

She explained further that the MFM founder might have had cases of being badly treated in the past. “He probably doesn’t want what happened in the past to happen to him again that is why he had to resort to the police and the court.”

On some of the other unfounded stories about the MFM leader, Odeleke said, “If it is true that what is being said about Olukoya is true, he should repent. If it is not true, God will vindicate him.”

Church is for all

She said if she were in the shoes of Pastor Olukoya, the best approach would have been to relieve people who were found wanting of their employment rather than going to court.

“If I know somebody is stealing, there will be reason why the person is stealing. I will find out and try to make the person have a change of heart. If the person does not change, I would rather ask him to go. It is better than going to court. The moment the people of the world are intervening in our matter it would become messy.”

While noting that the Church has a responsibility to accommodate all people, she said, “A big ministry must have a way of handling issues like the MFM case. We have seen bad people but after counseling and prayers they become mighty instruments in God’s hand”

She pleaded with netizens not to judge what they don’t know adding, “To ministers of God generally, I would say, why don’t you hand over to God. We can’t wait for God, so we try to help him. Those who call the police are doing so because they can’t trust God to handle their matter”

On Tinubu

Odeleke who is presently celebrating 50 years on the pulpit pleaded with the government of President Bola Tinubu to look into the issue of the rising cost of goods and services. She noted that Nigerians have endured enough calling on the government to do something urgent.  “Things are not looking up in the country. We keep praying” she said.

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