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Between Babylon and zion

by Church Times


By Victoria Adekoya


On the 28th of Feb 2013, God spoke to me that I should exalt Zion and cast down Babylon. I believe He is saying that is what He desires the church to do. It seems we are exalting Babylon the seat of mammon because of what we gain from her. We are despising Zion, the seat of the Most High God. Ps.125:1, Heb.12: 22-24.

That is why many terrible things are happening to the church and making her too weak to deal with the terribleness around us like the Boko Haram, carnage that is going on in the country. To buttress this, He showed me later, on the same day, a pastor on his platform being terrified by a demonic woman who was pointing at him and laughing. He started running away in terror right in front of his congregation. If a pastor can be terrorized by the devil, what can the congregation do? They are helpless, unless they stand up individually, study the word of God and follow it. Otherwise they are totally lost like the pastor. Unless a pastor and even every true Christian uphold Zion and its doctrines, they will be running away from the devil and his demons instead of the other way round. We need to get to the level where we are claiming what Jesus promised us in Luke10:19, “Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (NKJV).

However, because of mammon control upon our lives and in the face of the troubles we are subjected to, many Christians including church leaders have joined forces with unbelievers to go and resurrect the idol shrines that have been abandoned and refurbish the existing ones to strengthen and protect them.

On the 21st of March 2013, God showed me in the Spirit, demonic altars set up in various places in Nigeria being consulted even by clergymen. I believe God wants me to know He cannot step into the Nigerian terrain to do what He wants to do for us – defeat our enemies and bless us unless these are first dealt with and cleared away. As I sent prayer alert to some of my spiritual friends, God pressed into my spirit that I have to seriously deal with the issues. He reminded me of the mandate He gave me in April 2001 when He gave the name Jury Ministry while waiting on Him in a room 12 at Confluence Motel, Adankolo Junction Lokoja in Kogi State, where He sent me to pray for Nigeria at the confluence of the two rivers-Benue and Niger that traverses Nigeria. He specifically instructed me that I should use the ministry to kill and destroy what He does not allow in the church and the nations. He gave me Jer.1:10 to confirm it. He also reminded me of the revelation a brother shared with me about what he saw when I was asked to pray in a fellowship in my church as it was rounding up its meeting. I must have prayed for less than 3 minutes. He said that as soon as I opened my mouth to pray, he saw in the spirit water gushing out of my mouth and it flowed out and destroyed many things on the landscape-houses, trees, etc and that, there after, many things started springing up in their place. I was also reminded of what a pastor saw as I was concluding my Ijebu crusade in 2004, that floods of water started gushing out which cleared the landscape of all kinds of rubbish. I have been telling people that I am not an intercessor in the ordinary sense of the word – a person who stands and pleads against God’s judgement on issues of nations and individuals. I have discovered that I am more of a prophetic judgmental prayer warrior. To buttress my point, when God told me to go deliver His judgmental message to the United Kingdom between 2010 and 2012 because of their apostasy, I carried the message, wrote it in letters to the leadership of the U.K. Church and then stayed in a hotel for about two weeks telling God that He should remember what their ancestors had done to propagate His gospel in the nations in the past centuries and that many had been martyred for His sake in the process of their serving Him. God stopped me and said that He loves the British more than I could love them. That His main reason for sending me to them is that He is grieved that the descendants of those who had served Him and suffered for Him in the nations are now rushing to hell. He said all He required of me was to deliver the message and pray that He carries the judgement out speedily to stem their flow to hell.

Needless to say, these reminders of my role as a prayer warrior causes me to be determined to go back to Abuja where God had told me since 2006 to make it my major centre of praying for Nigeria. Meanwhile, on the 6th of March, while I was in Gboko to participate in a crusade where I was given opportunity to remind the Tivs the prophecy of late Pa Elton which was also given to me in 2003 that their disobedience of God’s mandate about the evangelization of the Muslim North is partly the cause of the Boko Haram insurgency, I was telling my host there that there will be a long political and intertribal carnage in Nigeria. I prayed about it and asked my spiritual friends to do the same. I was tempted to pray against it and even many of my friends replied that it will not happen. Then God reminded me that it needs to happen so that the ground could be cleared for Him to do what He wants to do in the nation.

As I was returning to Lagos on the 12th of March, I saw in the Spirit signboards of companies being pulled down and the shutters of some closed and I heard in the Spirit that there is going to be perpetual spiritual and economic war in Nigeria. That, He is releasing Nigerians both male and female who are determined, militant and focused to lead the country into her prophetic destiny after the mess has been cleared. Then on the 16th of March the Holy Spirit said I should pray that the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus whose hearts are truly seeking for the healing of the land to get together and seek His face and He will reveal to them what to do. On the 17th of March, my pastor in his message in the church confirmed much of the revelations I have stated above. It was as if we sat together in the presence of the Holy Spirit as He was downloading it to us. Indeed the Holy Spirit is one!

I am sharing the following issues for the sake of true Christians and intercessors to show that when you are determined to pray into manifestation issues God reveals to you, the devil will do everything to harass, distract and divert you from doing so. When as instructed by God, I started the series Whither the Nigerian church? In 2011, I heard the devil say to me in Yoruba language that he will kill me because of the ‘lies’ I have been telling about the Nigerian church. I replied that if he can kill God and Jesus then he can get me since I am hidden inside of them. Since he cannot, he cannot kill me for obeying their instructions.

Also, when I determined to pray concerning the clearing of the demonic altars being built in the nation by political, spiritual and economic leaders of the nation, the devil first tried to stop me from coming to the place of prayer by causing confusion in my traveling arrangement. Then he started to distract me by showing to me blessings that will be coming to me and my family- showing me beautiful cities and houses I will access.

Meanwhile, phone calls from home contributed to the distractions. I switched off my phones and concentrated on praying on the issues concerning Nigeria. So he started bringing people to me in the spirit who said they have master plans to fix the Nigerian situation. When I refused to yield and kept on insisting that the ground needs to be cleared first, he wrote in front of me PARROT and I heard him say I should relocate so I can have a fresh vision. I have since told him I am not a parrot just repeating what others are saying. That I will not stop praying until I see the manifestation of what God had mandated me to pray about. That the grounds of Nigeria need to be cleared before the new thing God has planned for us will manifest.

Meanwhile, overnight from the 23rd to the 24th of March, God insisted I should read Ps. 24. When I eventually read it, I found the theme of my prayer for the cleansing of the land of all demonic altars, gates of hell and the calibre of people God expects to pray the prayers that will usher in the Captain of the heavenly hosts, the King of Glory to fight our battles against Boko Haram etc. Then on the 25th of March, as I was studying the Bible, the Holy Spirit pointed out to me what Jesus said as He was concluding His teaching on the Beatitudes in Matt.7:26-27 that when we hear the word of God and we do not do them, we are heading for the kind of ruins that is plaguing the Nigerian church right now. Thank God for the Holy Spirit which kept me arguing even in my dreams that nothing can be built on the Nigerian terrain unless the ground is cleared first

Meanwhile, the Nigerian church is continuing many terribleness that encourages mammon worship. I was at a mission’s conference in Makurdi recently and a man of God in one of our group discussions warned us on who we network with. He said someone invited him to pay some money into a church so he could network with them. They will give him some water to wash his face and he will be able to see many things including women’s underwear as he prays for them. That is spirit of divination! Again, I was at a branch of a Nigerian church last year in the U.K., the man of God called out people who were facing some challenges so he could pray for them. After he did, he asked them to bring fat prophet offering. He insisted they should make it really fat so they could experience answers to his prayer for them.

Also recently, in the hotel I stayed  in somewhere in Nigeria, a man of God had a night vigil there, called out people facing problems, prayed for them and at the end he started shouting that they should bring what he called prophets’ offering and make it really fat. I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation  several times  and I have not seen where Jesus, Peter, Paul or the old time prophets asked people for prophet offering after praying for their healing and deliverance. It was not recorded that Saul gave the coin he had planned to give Samuel to inquire about his fathers’ missing ass. Samuel was the one who gave Saul meat when he got to Samuel’s house. The only prophet who tried to collect fat prophet’s offering was Balaam and he ended up being killed when the children of Israel destroyed the Midianites because of Balaam’s counsel that led to immorality in the camp of Israel. Num. 31:8.

In fact the prophets of old were brutalized and abused after delivering their prophetic messages. That was why when I complained of harassment by the church, especially the Nigerian ones in the U.K. when I tried to distribute the handbills God had asked me to prepare to declare His judgemental message to the U.K.,God said to me that at least they had not meted out to me what the children Israel did to Jeremiah when he tried to deliver such messages.

Concerning the Nigerian situation, on 2nd April, God showed me He was bringing dryness upon the land, He told me to read Jer.14 especially verses where He told Jeremiah not to intercede for the people because He will not relent. Even when Jeremiah said it was the prophets and priests that misled the people, God told him the judgement will start on the prophets and priests. God told me it is the same for Nigeria. That the resources-human and financial He had placed in Nigeria was for His End-time harvest in the nations. But these were being wasted and cannibalized with the connivance of the Nigerian church so that not many Nigerians especially those under 40 years of age are willing to answer missionary call to the nations because of lack of funds. Many very rich churches in the nation are not willing to release the money in their hands for missionaries and mission fields anymore.

Finally, on the 11th of April 2013, I was praying in my dream and in my waking up on and off. The major point of my prayer was that God should raise effective intercessors and effective teachers of the true word of God especially for the benefit of the younger generation. Then I dreamt I was in a meeting hall filled with young people. Then I left my bag with a fat opened envelope filled with bundles of money of various currencies and my Bible on a desk. When I returned to the hall, I found the money envelope was intact but my Bible removed. I later saw the Bible on one of the study desks. The young people were only interested in the Bible-the word of God and paid little or no attention to the money. Then as I picked the Bible, a woman who I thought was young until we went out of the hall when I discovered she had some grey hairs helped me to pack the Bible into the bag. She was admiring my wedding rings. I told her they were of little significance since I have been wearing them for almost 50 years. Then as we stepped outside of the hall we saw a huge sanitation truck with its engine still running. The driver still in the vehicle said we should help him open the little flap on top of its bonnet so it can work effectively. The woman beside me tried but she could not reach it. I just stretched my hand up and opened a part of it. Then the woman with the help of another woman was able to reach the other flap to lift it up. Then I saw a white clean new bath tub with two silver new taps pouring clean water into the bath. I believe all these revelations is answer to my prayers and that of many true intercessors for Nigeria.

The sanitation of the Nigerian terrain is going to be effectively carried out. Then God will raise effective intercessors and teachers of the true word of God who will succeed in pouring the pure water of His word into clean vessels of a new generation of Nigerians who will focus more on His word than on money. This will lead to the raising up of the type of Nigerians God had asked me pray into manifestation that He will use to build a new spiritual, political, governmental and economic structure for the nation.

God bless you as you continue to key into His instructions and obey them.

Yours in Obedience to God’s mandate.


Mrs. Victoria O. Adekoya


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