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Modernisation is taking Jesus Christ away from the church, Pastor Awojide warns

by Church Times

Awojide: Mordernisation is taking Jesus away from the Church


Pastor E. S. Awojide, LAWNA ChairmanTACN vice President right and Pastor J. K Ibidapo, LAWNA Witnesses youth movement leader during the Convention.

The Vice President of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TACN) Pastor Segun Awojide has warned the Christian youth on the danger of modernisation as it has led to the erosion of good virtues and path of holiness.

He gave the warning while delivering a key note address at the inaugural Witnesses/Youth Convention of the church’s Lagos, Western and Northern Areas Territory (LAWNA) held recently at the National Temple, Ketu Lagos, (31st May — 2nd June 2019)

“There is nothing like Christianity made simple. Repackaging the church in the name of modernization is nothing but shifting from the ancient path”, he said.

Pastor Awojide told the youth convention that had “Walking in the ancient path”(Jer 6:16) as its theme; the path is not negotiable as it is the only sure way to heaven and it points the way to salvation.

Quoting the scripture, he warned, there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death

Pastor Awojide who is the LAWNA Territorial chairman recalled the good virtues for which the church had been known as agent of light and transformation, saying; but all these and many more have been sacrificed on the altar of modernisation.

“Modernisation is taking away Jesus Christ from us, for He(Jesus) can only be found in the ancient path which is the way of the cross, the path of life, for He is the same yesterday, and today and forever.
He told the youth to take advantage of the maiden convention as a platform of broad fellowship, which was providing the church leadership the opportunity to substantially invest in them as the church of today and tomorrow.

“It serves as an opportunity to prepare you for leadership responsibility; it provides the platform to further integrate you fully into the core Christian leadership, one that is fully exposed to core Christian values, ethics and virtues, doctrines and principles of the Kingdom of God”, Pastor Awojide said.

In his brief remarks during one of the services, the TACN President Pastor Sampson Igwe who congratulated the youth for their large attendance warned them against following the way of the world.

He said that the things of this world shall pass away and only those who walked in the right path of God in Jesus Christ have hope of eternal life.

He told them to be good change agents and harbingers of hope for their families, the nation and humanity.

In his welcome address, the LAWNA Witness/Youth Movement leader Pastor J. Kayode Ibidapo said that the maiden youth convention was an outstanding success of the church’s administration, etched in gold and it can never be forgotten in the history of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria”.

He pointed out that God promised the believers rest if they could look, seek, ask and walk in the ancient pathway. “If we want rest for our souls, we need to look microscopically, seek diligently, ask wisely and walk circumspectly”.

Pastor Ibidapo said the revelation of the pathway is also found in Jesus Christ as the door, the way and no one would regret walking in his pathway.

Other speakers in the Convention included Pastor I.O Ogunrinola, Pastor M.O Ade Ayorinde, Deacon Samuel Oluwasegun, Deaconess P.O Amusan, Elder Deji Adeniyi, Deacon Peter Orhu, Pastor Emmanuel O. Adebiyi, Pastor E.A Adeiye and Pastor G. O. A Alakuko.
Also ministering in the prayer and praise session were Pastor E.A Oyawale and Pastor D.O. Akinola respectively, among others.

The three day Convention witnessed song ministration, praise and worship, teaching and sermons by youth speakers, and attracted participants from most of the 106 Areas of the territory across the nation, including members of the church’s General Executive Council.

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