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Mysterious encounter that made me start church- Evang. Victoria Aluko

by Church Times

Apostolic call



Story by Wilson Adekumola



Evangelist Aluko

Evang. Dr. Victoria Aluko grew up in idolatrous family. But her Christian Religion Knowledge teacher in school influenced her faith and brought her to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Thirty-three years after, she got a divine order to start her ministry.

Recalling the impact of her CRK teacher, Aluko who is the founder of “The Lord is there” Apostolic Church Inc says, “He taught us the scriptures. I gained valuable experience on how to fast and pray from him. He told us that you must not let people know when you are fasting and only the Lord should hear when you pray. He was the one that changed my perspective about Christianity which eventually enabled me to embrace Jesus.


“My father was a first class hunter while my mum’s father (grandfather) happened to be a first class chief. You know chiefs have to wear certain number of beads. There was a time we wanted to do traditional play in the school. I borrowed my dad’s beads for the occasion. When we came back somebody borrowed it from me. In the palace, being the first class chief, there is a number of beads that must be on him. But all this while he was wearing one or two beads. That was when the trouble began. I was asked to return the beads.


“The person who borrowed it returned it. But I left it in the wooden box I carried to school. For the fact that it was weekend and I was among the people that were sent to work in the teacher’s house, I could not pick it before the school closed and door of my class room was firmly locked. I remembered my CRK teacher told us that whatever you ask from God through fasting and prayer God would grant it.


“On the following Saturday I fasted and prayed as we went to the farm. On our way home, I allowed my siblings to go ahead of me. Surprisingly on my way home, passing by the school, I noticed the window of the row I used to sit in the class was opened. Nobody was in the school because it was weekend; I entered and picked the beads. Since that day something woke up my spirit. I decided to follow the Lord. I noticed that if you are able to speak to God and ask Him anything wholeheartedly He will give that thing to you. That was what inspired me. I was convinced there is a supernatural being that care for us.”


That experience made her believe there is another power beyond human comprehension. With time, after years of studying and hearing God’s word she surrendered to Christ. That was in 1984 at a Christ Apostolic Church “When I met Christ I got a new life, a new beginning. I realized that if you want to make heaven and free from bondage, evil covenant and generational curse you need Christ.  It is only in Christ you can live a free life.” She declared.


Before then she had attended several churches including Cherubim and Seraphim, Celestial Church of Christ and a number of others. At a point she actually stopped going to church because of her experiences with some fake prophets. But when she surrendered to the Lord fully, she began to study the Bible on her own and even read the whole Bible three times before she got an express order from God to go to church.


“God instructed me to board bus going to Ipaja Estate, alight at School B/Stop and ask for Church Street. I obeyed His Instruction. When I got there I met a man who showed me the direction without knowing he was an angel. When I got there again I met another angel in form of human being who finally showed me CAC, Oke Alafia.


“I had told God that I did not want to meet a familiar face in the church He instructed me to go. When I entered the church I noticed the presence of God. Holy Spirit was using the preachers. That was when I realized everything I read in the Bible is still very much relevant. When I was told to teach in the Sunday school and I did as the spirit led me, a lot of people who were contemplating leaving the church changed their minds. I knew God was already using me.”

Apostolic order after a whirlwind

She put in 13 years in the CAC before she had an encounter that made her start her own ministry.


Aluko recounts that her walk with God has been quite fruitful. The church was founded about twenty years ago. But she never wanted to start the church in the first place.


She recalls, “I never wanted to start church because I had an illusion that people will be coming to give me a cup of garri, rice and all that. One would look like a beggar and I did not like that. I imagined how I would leave my booming business for evangelism. I had a shop where I sold traditional clothes (Aso Oke) then. I was doing well to be candid. But God proved His supremacy. When God wanted my attention, everything stopped working. Customers stopped coming. By the time the call was strong on me, I had to abandon goods worth N1.7 million to face ministry.”


One experience she will not forget in a hurry was when a whirlwind snatched her bag from her hand and placed it on her bed. I was afraid to touch the bag. I was shivering. I asked God if He wanted to kill me but God told me “go and start your ministry”. That experience encouraged me to do what God wanted me to do. I had always told God I did not want to start church in a shop but that day I did not mind to start the church in the shop because of what I saw.


She eventually got a mini hall where she paid rent to start the ministry. The experience since she obeyed God according to her has been awesome. “God has been faithful. He is the one who gave the vision. He has not disappointed me for once. I have discovered that those who obey God often have peace of mind.” She said.


Born into a royal family of the Ilerio Ruling House of Imesi-Ile, Osun State, she studied English, Typewriting and Shorthand at the Auchi Polytechnic. Later during her ministry work, she studied Theology up to earning a PhD at the Soul Winning Bible College and Seminary, Lagos. She had worked in several organizations, including Elizade Nigeria Limited, Times Press department of The Daily Times Nigeria Limited where she resigned as stenographer to start her business after working for nine years.


Now in her early sixties, Aluko is the author of a Bible Lesson Manual for all Christ followers with 2020 edition titled, “Preparation towards the Second Coming of Christ”. It is subtitled in Yoruba. A branch of her ministry is located in Imesi Ile, Osun State.


Evang. (Dr) Mrs. V. A. Aluko church is located on 3, Aderibigbe Street, Off Owotutu Street, Abule Oke, Iyana Ilogbo, Ogun State could be reached on: 08137804550

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