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Basic things to know about the book of Revelation

by Church Times


Understanding the book of revelation with Afolabi Dollars (3)

The book of Revelation is the only book in the entire bible where you’d see “BLESSED is he that READS”(Rev.1:3), yet it’s been the most avoided book of the Bible by READERS.?

Another important thing I want us to see about REVELATION is that it’s a TRANSGENERATIONAL BOOK OF PROPHECY. How do I mean?
We need to understand that this Revelation was ORIGINALLY written to the seven struggling churches in Asia to help them ENDURE in the faith, in the era of persecutions and tribulations, but by APPLICATION and chronological extension, Revelation is also for us as a REPRESENTATION of these 7 churches today, to help us ENDURE in the faith, and hold on to CHRIST in the times of tribulations!

One more thing I’d like us to know about the book of Revelation is that over the years, the book has been subjected to 4 categories of INTERPRETERS which are:


The PRETERIST’s view or interpretation emphasizes a first-century fulfillment of the prophecies in the book of Revelation. They claim that MOST of these events in REVELATION have already taken place in the first century!

The FUTURIST’s view or interpretation sees REVELATION as primarily in the future end times. They see it as a timetable for future events to happen on earth. This view has been prominent in the media of recent due to the ongoing outbreak of the global pandemic amidst contradictory speculations and conspiracy theories.

The IDEALIST’s view or interpretation sees the book as symbolic pictures of such AGELESS truths of how there’d be an eventual victory of good over evil. They consider REVELATION as an ALLEGORICAL presentation of spiritual warfare which must be fought by every believer in CHRIST.

The HISTORICIST’s view or interpretation sees the book as a description of the sequence of events from the island of Patmos to the end of time. They see it as an apocalyptic lay out of God’s master plan or script from beginning to end for human HISTORY, reflected in the obvious consistent patterns of covenant, fall, judgement and redemption.

My own view is that these 4 categories of INTERPRETERS are altogether right in different CONTEXT, but what is important or fundamental regardless of any interpretation is that we stay on the GOOD side, we stick to GOD’S way as we remain in CHRIST who remains the determinant of our collective eternal destiny!

We will   henceforth delve  into the “magana” of this series as we begin with checking out Rev.6.
I appreciate your patience in following me since the beginning of this series. Blessings be upon you.


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