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Adeboye tackles “once saved forever saved preachers”

, says anybody who says you can live anyhow after you're saved is an agent of the devil

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on Tuesday took time to address the issue of once saved forever saved saying preachers who undermine the place of personal commitment in service to God are agents of the devil.

 He was speaking at the church’s 2023 holy ghost congress currently taking place at the Redemption City of the RCCG.

 Adeboye who preached on the topic from Miry Clay to the rock expressed shock at the audacity of some preachers and how they make light the gospel.

 He said, “There are so many people all over the world telling you once you’re saved you are saved forever no matter what you do. Of course, you can be saved forever provided you take heed. The almighty God who has kept me standing will keep you standing forever. They tell you since you were saved by grace you can now do whatever you like. They say that people like me who tell you to take heed  that we have not studied Paul.”

 While praying that the devil would not sway any of his “children” he said, “ They said people like me did not study Paul. I studied Paul. When I became born again, I studied certain characters in the Bible. I studied Elijah for three years because I wanted power. I studied Elisha, I studied Paul because he was an academician. He had a PhD in Law. There is a relationship between Law and Mathematics. We deal in logic. I studied Paul. God used him to perform many miracles.”

 Adeboye said he had desired to be like Paul so that by the time he transits, they would write concerning him just like Paul that people were healed through the handkerchiefs taken from my body

 While stressing that he studied Paul more than those who are trying to denigrate Paul’s messages, he said, “Paul had tasted the miry clay and the rock. In 1Tim1v12-15 he called himself the chief of sinners. He said in 1Cor 9v24-27, keep your body under subjection. He said in Romans 12v1-2 that we  should present our bodies as living sacrifices.”

 Adeboye decried the sundry doctrines flying around, noting, “Can you ever believe a preacher will say Moses and Elijah were problematic people in the Bible? Meanwhile, they are the only two people who appeared to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration.”

 The RCCG overseer made more references to Paul’s messages where he enjoined believers to shun iniquity and put their bodies under subjection. He also quoted several scriptures in the Book of Revelation where the Bible talks about those who endure to the end are the ones that will be given the crown of life.

 He insists, “Anybody who tells you can continue to sin after being saved that it does not matter is an agent of the devil. The God we serve is holy. That same God says be ye holy for I am holy. The same Paul advised young people in 2 Tim2v22-25 to flee youthful lust. It means run like terror.”

 The Octogenarian preacher expressed worry that the devil has sent many preachers to the world to see how many youths they can gather to the world. He then prayed, “They won’t get any of my children because I will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

 Quoting  2 Tim 2v19, he said, “If you name the name of Jesus, you must depart from iniquity. You think you are born again and speak in tongue and you can begin to do yahoo, yahoo, you will go to hell. Paul encouraged us to press on and not relax. The same Paul said, Col 3v1-17 to stay focused on things above. There are certain things you must never allow to come near you again.”

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James Iwagbemi Gabriels December 6, 2023 - 10:17 am

Those propagating the gospel of “once saved, forever saved ” are somehow telling our big daddies in the Lord that anyone saved can not live anyhow. That anyone living in sin or anyhow was never saved in the first place. I will never accept the doctrine of eternal security, however, the salvation gospel being preached today, and the so-called born again christians, leave so much for questions.


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