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How Troy Black, a Christian Youtuber gave  striking message about Queen Elizabeth’s transition 10 days before her death

by Church Times

 About 10 days before the transition of Queen Elizabeth 11 of England, a Christian Youtuber, Troy Black gave a striking message that captured her transition.

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8 after a brief illness. She was 96 and reputed to be the longest-serving British monarch. She reigned for 70 years.

Black who has distinguished himself as a prophetic voice and author over the years had on August 29 posted the message on his YouTube Channel.

 He said, “I saw a vision of the queen probably in her early 30s. She heard this crown on her head. I did not know exactly what she looked like when she was in her 30s but when I looked up the picture, I saw that it was what I saw in the vision.

The Lord’s message

 “I heard the Lord say, it’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday this year, a new birth. She is ready to be here. She is ready to leave home. And I heard the Lord say, she is already on her way in.

 “She is the next to go, she is ready to go. I started praying about this, and I said, Lord what does this mean?  I know it could mean a variety of things. Here is what I hope it means from my perspective. And that is, if she does not know Jesus yet, she will before her time.

 “As I prayed about it, I got another vision. As I was watching and waiting on the Lord, I saw another vision of a man with a top hat on his head standing in a woman’s dressing room in a clothing shop.

 “I don’t know what this meant, but I heard this in my mind to look up Prince Charles online. I looked him up online and there was a picture posted two days prior; of Prince Charles wearing the same top hat I saw in the vision.

 “And I had not seen him wear such cloth before. And I heard the Lord say to me, he is next. He is going to take over from her.”

Message for all

 Black however said in the video that he was not certain of the full meaning of the vision urging his listeners to wait for what is going to unfold.

 He also used the opportunity to preach salvation calling on all to be ready for when they will meet the Lord.

 Black said, “We have to wait and see what this means. Make sure you are ready to go. When you die, you will go to be with God in heaven.

 “Today is the day of salvation. I believe God will begin to work on people’s hearts. That is the holy spirit drawing you to Jesus…”

 It will be recalled that a Nigerian UK-based prophetess, Margaret Mayaki had also prophesied about the death of a top member of the royal family. She had asked for prayer that the royal home would not lose a top member of the home.

Story by Gbenga Osinaike



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