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Writers save lives, solve problems says Omotosho @ Lagos summit

by Church Times

The President of Anchor International Care and Humanitarian initiative Lagos, Dr. Bolarinwa Omotosho has described writers as people who save lives, solve problems and make society better.

 He made the observation at the Writers and Authors Summit on Saturday, February 21 at the  West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos.

The programme was put together by Omotosho’s organisation in collaboration with Race for life Corporate & Company.

It attracted writers from all parts of Lagos including academic and theological institutions, churches, and chaplaincy.

 Omotosho stated that writers do battle with words. They fight against injustice and for equity. They fight without guns, but their words are potent enough to win a war. A writer is a lifesaver, a problem solver, an entertainer, a solution provider, and an advocate for a good life. 

He noted that writers share experiences and circumstances to help people in real, tangible ways. “Writers have the unique opportunity of making  the world a better place.

 He said one of the Summit’s objectives is to bring together stakeholders in the book industry and to fashion out ways and means of enhancing literary and educational development. “The summit is also designed  to improve reading culture and distinctive literature writing in Africa 

writers summit

A cross g session of the participants at the summit

 Writing essential for learning

Omotosho noted also that “writing is one of the essential pillars of learning. It should be of major interest and concern to those in the education industry. Everyone who loves to pass information from one generation to another need to embrace the culture of writing”

 He implored participants to pursue the implement the new ideas generated from the activities of the summit. “This summit was a significant milestone in African literature writing. It has fulfilled one of the major objectives of bringing participants in the book industry together  To equip the participants with writing techniques” he said.

 He said further that the leadership of his organisation has been challenged through the summit to raise new literary talents. And to bring together the Next –Generation of literary stars together with the aim of enhancing the writing and reading culture.

 Omotsho noted that God instituted writing adding that it is about the only means of passing information from one generation to another.

( a teaching session by Dr. Priscillia Omotosho)

Hannah Rasmussen, one of the facilitators at the  summit is a residential staff of Oasis International Ltd USA and the Acquisitions Editor at Oasis International Ltd,

 She brought her professional experience to bear on the summit.. Mr. Sola Onifade, the Regional Director, West Africa at Oasis International Ltd USA was also in attendance. He praised the organizers of the summit for the impact they are making particularly in God’s kingdom.

(from left Dr.Bolarinwa Michael Omotosho, the President of Anchor International Care and Humanitarian initiative Lagos, Dr. Gabriel Olugbenga Ayotunde Alakuko- Provost TACN Theological Seminary, Ilesa and Dr. (Mrs) Martha Ugbede–Adejoh of the Nigeria Air force Protestant Church, Ikeja Lagos during the presentation of certificates to the participants.)

 Dr. Priscillia Omotosho, a Member of the Board of Trustees of Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative addressed the critical issue of how to interact with different authors as they write do academic research or write books irrespective of the topic they are writing on.

 Some of the topics discussed at the summit are:  Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome, Why Are Writing Skills Important? 7 Reasons Why Writers Write, Who Are Your Target Audience?,

 Also discussed are:  A Good Writer Is A Good Reader, How To Write Book Contents: Simple Steps on How To Create Contents For Your Book, 4 Types of Writing Styles, Ready To Share Your Story, Don’t Write A Book For Money and Who Is A Writer?. 

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