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Obi N2 billion bribe

What Peter Obi “gave” us more than N2 billion- Rev Yinka Yusuf  

by Church Times

Rev Yinka Yusuf has taken to his Twitter handle to debunk the story that made the round a few days ago that the presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi gave the Christian Association of Nigeria a sum of N2 billion to win their votes.

 Rev Yusuf is President of Love for All nations Ministries and lead pastor of the Household of Love Churches worldwide. The Church’s headquarters is based in Lekki, Lagos.

He said in the tweet that Obi actually ‘gave” more than N2 billion.

 The post which turned out to be sarcastic was meant to put a nail on the N2 billion largess allegation.

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Rev Yusuf asked rhetorically, “Who said Peter Obi gave us N2 billion Naira? It’s a lie he gave us more than that…….

“He opened our eyes to see a country where the broom is sitting under the umbrella and the people are under the scourging heat of wicked politicians. I am OBI’S witness he no dey give shi shishi.”

 In another tweet, Rev Yusuf said, ” the greatest lie is to be quiet about a situation because you are afraid that people will insult you for telling the truth…

 “If Peter Obi is truly a trader, then all Nigerian politicians should go back to school to learn trading instead of political science. I will vote Obi.”

He has been consistent in his campaign for Mr. Obi.

 He once shared how he met Obi at the airport and the simplicity around him that made him admire him. Yusuf said, “

“One day I was traveling back to Lagos from Abuja, they had just dropped me at the airport and I was going to board my flight. As I walked through the tarmac with one of the FAAN protocol staff pulling my hand luggage behind me, I turned and behold I saw someone that looked like governor Peter Obi coming behind and pushing his hand luggage himself. I turned to the protocol guy and said, that guy looks like governor Peter Obi, He answered and said, ” yes o na him, e no dey allow anybody help am with his bag.

“I felt so embarrassed for myself, I quickly collected my bag back gave the protocol guy some money and pulled my bag myself to the plane. Peter Obi did not open the Bible or quote any verse in the Bible but he preached to me the greatest message I have ever heard on humility.



“When I got back home, I told my wife what happened to me, how someone was helping me with my hand luggage while a governor was pushing his bag himself.

Rev Yusuf further said Obi, has made him understand that leadership is by example and humility is one of the greatest signs of a great leader.



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