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Understanding God’s promises and how to walk in them by Gbemiga Olakunle

by Church Times

A Promise is a declaration of an intention from a person to do something for another person. It can conditional or unconditional

But in most cases, many Promises like the ones from GOD, have conditions attached to them. And to get these Promises fulfilled in our lives, we must learn how to walk in them.

The best way to know GOD’S mind on any issue or His Promises is through His Written Word- the Bible. The other ways/ means through which GOD communicates His Promises or intentions to His people or a Nation are Dreams, Open Visions, Intuition/ Inner Witness, Words of Knowledge, and Words of Wisdom.

The List also includes Prophetic Words and Divinely arranged Circumstances. As a Minister rightly pointed out, inside GOD’S Promises are the revelation of His plans for our lives either now or in the future like He did to Abraham and Joseph who had Customised/ Personalised Promises as contained in Genesis 12:1-4 and Genesis 37 respectively.

As a result of such Personalised Promises for our lives, our experiences in life will be different. We should therefore know GOD’S Promises and learn how to walk in them. Definitely, difficult times will come in the course of walking in His Promises.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Customised or Personalised Promises require at least 5 ingredients if they must be fulfilled.

They are:

i. Faith

ii. Action

iii. Sacrifice

iv. Concentration/ Focusing

v. Submission.

A higher level of Promise is Covenant which can be a subject of our discussion for another day by GOD’S grace.

Since our GOD is a Keeper of Promises and is ever faithful to His Words, we, therefore, need to keep to our own side of GOD’S Promises for our lives as individuals, families, communities, or even as a Nation by walking in the light of such Promises for own good.

May the Resurrection Power enable us to do so in JESUS’ Name.


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