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Testimonies, deliverance and revival at healthy home conference

by Church Times

The September healthy home conference organised by the Church Growth International Ministries has come and gone. But the memory of the five-day event which took place at theDecrossGospelChurch, Dopemu Lagos will linger for a long time.

For many of the participants, the event turned out to me an eye-opener. It was indeed a time to reflect on challenges many church leaders are facing and how those challenges could be solved. Questions on divorce, finance and issues of infidelity were treated with precision.

Thehigh pointof the event was the couples’ banquet which gave participants the opportunity to put a spark in their affairs. It was indeed amazing that many couples were obviously not on talking terms. But the conference provided them the opportunity to break the barrier keeping them apart

The women were particularly enthralled that at last there was opportunity for their husbands to give them some attention. Dr. Akin John, president of the ministry told Church Times in a later chat that he was surprised to find out that some couples still carried the battle in their homes to the conference venue. He however noted that the Lord used the conference to heal homes and restore the glory of many families.

The conference enabled the over 500 participants to express themselves while also learning from the various speakers. One striking testimony at the event was that of pastor Ogunmola who had to wait for close to 30 years in marriage before he was blessed with a child.

He recounted the agonizing years but told his listeners that God was with him throughout the waiting period. The irony of his case was that a lady who was born the same day he was doing his engagement grew up in his presence, got married and had her baby before the Lord answered him.

He however said if he had heard some of the teachings of the conference before now, perhaps he would have taken to the advice of adopting a child while also trusting God for his own child. The joy however is that throughout the waiting period, pastor Ogunmola did not succumb to the temptation of doing the wrong thing. And God surprised him at the right time

Also Sharing his testimony, a participant, Sowemimo Ebenezer said the conference was indeed a divine gathering. He said he and his wife were not in good terms about four months to the conference. But the conference was able to address all the challenges that he had been facing. He notes “The presence of the Lord visited my case that before I got home, God had touched my wife’s heart so much that she became totally submissive to me in all ways. By this divine intervention she became a true prayer partner to me. Since then her prayers have been working and favour, mercy and help are now my daily experience”

  For Pastor Mrs. Deborah Adeagbo her orientation changed completely after the conference. She said, “Before I used to think that if you take ministry first God will take care of your home for you. But by this conference I have come to realize that when the home is stable, the ministry will be stable. Therefore the home must come before the ministry. I also thank God for what God used the couples’ day to do in my life and in the life of other ministers of God”

Imiefoh Lucky corroborated her experience adding that the conference turned out to be an eye-opener “By this conference I now know that the home must be given the right priority. The home must be properly nurtured so that it does not destroy the ministry; neither must the ministry destroy the home. I bless God for this” she said.

Malik Rotimi believes the information he got at the conference will not only help him as a person but will also help the people in his ministry and beyond his ministry.

Folasanya Gideon however had a re-orietation concerning his finances. He notes, “There were many things which my wife as a financial consultant has been drawing my attention to in the church, they were actually confirmed in the conference teaching, and now I realized that I need to adjust. Things which I know by the time they are fully implemented, they are going to bring into my home and ministry astounding results. Indeed the teachings in the conference were not one way sided but balanced”

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