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Is God leading you to a mission field? Or to support mission? Consider these ministries

by Church Times

Gospel Unlimited Foundation: Founded by Professor Duro Adegboye, a former dean of Faculty of Science,AhmadduBelloUniversity. He voluntarily retired from the services of the university to face the work of the mission. While a lecturer, Prof. Adegboye was always spending his weekends to do evangelical work along with Panam Percy Paul and Bishop Sam Amaga who were in his team. The vision of Gospel Unlimited was given to him on the 25ht day of May 1963 at the Assembly Hall of Boys Secondary School,GindiriPlateauState and he has remained committed to the vision. By next year the ministry will be 50 years old.

The mission operates from Offa,KwaraStateand it has consistently been holding mission conferences four times in the year. The Lord has used the ministry to bless lives and raise leaders. Currently the mission is raising 3000 partners in a project called club 3000 to raise men and women who are committed to the task of soul winning and evangelism. The partners will be required to commit their resources, time and money to the furtherance of the gospel. Professor Adegboye could be reached on 08033142846. If God is laying in your heart to bless the mission you can pay into First Bank of Nigeria Account number 2009471823. But beyond that pray for the ministry

 Name of Ministry: His Coming Evangelical Church Denomination: Evangelical Founder Revd Samson Ogundeji and founded in 1970. The ministry came out of Redeemed Christian Church of God as an evangelical group with seven other brothers. Today it has over 100 branches spread acrossNigeriaand the West Coast. The mission of the ministry is to plant churches in rural areas and engage in mission work. Current pastor: Pastor Rapahael Ola Adesina. Contact: 08033597690, 07055673949 ( H/Q:Behind St. Anne/Redeemers Secondary School College Crescent, Molete Area,Ibadan

Jesus Missionary Commission: The ministry is based in Ilorin, Kwara. The General Coordinator, Evangelist Tim Oluwaponle holds an MSc in Environmental Management and also an alumni of Haggai Institute, Singapore. He is so committed to mission work and to reaching the Fulani tribe in Nigeria and a wider sense reaching the un-reached. He has consistently maintained a strong determination in this area without looking back since his conversion in December 1984. He is the author of the book: Seminar and workshops in missions. He could be reached on 08033953921 or 08062523277 or 08036681471. Email: 19962000@yahoo.com

God’s divine Mission; The ministry is based in Edo State at 1, Erinyinwen Street off Olote Road off Edo Textile Mill Road, Evbareke quarters. It is an evangelical ministry founded by Isaac K. Ohokpemorhor. The pastor could be reached on 08074009259. He resigned from his appointment at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital to pursue mission work.

Church of the Trinity: The church started as a ministry in a denominational church. It was a prayer and deliverance ministry before the founder was led to start it as a church. The headquarters is currently inBenin City. The founder, Evang Isaac O Umukoro operates in the area of deliverance, healing and church planting. Umukoro was in a denominational church for 25 years leading the deliverance and prayer group. He resisted every urge to start a mission outpost for 15 years. But God eventually had His way. He has an incredible story of being born to his mother when the mother was in her 60s. His ministry has been of great impact in the area of healing and deliverance. He has also demonstrated a passion for mission work. He could be reached on 08139653881, 08052762719.

Evangelist Ademosu Esther is a missionary evangelist. She was commissioned recently at a mission’s conference to reach out to Cotonou and Togo. She belongs to the Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Ibukun, Ososami Oke-Ado,Ibadan. She was a business woman before the Lord called her to mission work. She needs prayers that God will sustain her in the mission to the voodoo prone areas of West Coast: She could be reached on 07063905075

End Time Glory Ministries: The ministry was founded in 2002 by Brother Femi Ajayi with a burden for the rural areas. The founder’s mission is to reach out to the obas and chiefs in their palaces and youths in the rural areas. The ministry also has a burden for widows. It is being funded on God’s account through the support of people who the Lord has touched. The ministry is based in Ilorin at No.2 Offa road, Ilorin. The founder who is by training an administrator left his secular job in 1996 to reach out to the obas before he started the ministry. He could be reached on 08037192758 or email thegloryministries@yahoo.com.

Gospel Recordings Nigeria is an interdenominational Ministry founded by Joy Ridderhof in 1939. In Nigeria, Rev Kish Hai Bai serves in the ministry. The vision of gospel recording is to produce help materials on video and audio for the purpose of reaching out to the lost. They have produced movable audio and video items that do not require electricity. You can best understand what they do if you log on www.globalrecordings.net Kish could be reached on 08080344822  or kishhaibai@yahoo.com

Latter House Global Network was founded by Rotimi Ige Emmanuel as a fellowship in 1994. The ministry which is solely into drama and film production is located at 35, Goodness Estate off Ojoo Arulogun road, Ojoo, Ibadan. Brother Ige could be reached on 08055607826 or email rotimiforever@yahoo.com. His ministry has been a blessing to many people in the area of drama ministration

Planters Harvest Gospel Mission is missionary concern with base inAkhaukhwariVillage,Iyekogba,BeninEdo State. The ministry was founded by Samuel Oyebanji. God led him to the village. He sought to see the village head and from that encounter God has been using him to do incredible things in the village. He started a primary school in the village and also an adult literacy class. He was instrumental to the deliverance of one of the village heads who was actively involved in cultism. A teacher by profession before he answered the call, Oyebanji has recorded tremendous breakthrough in the lives of rural children and adults alike who had given up on western education. He could be reached on 08062093283. He currently needs assistance in the area of the education of the rural children. Until he got to the village, the villagers had no access to western education. Oyebanji believes education is vital to the call to evangelism.

Prison Evangelical and reconciliation Ministry was founded in 1996 by Evangelist Taiwo Sokoya, a woman of God with immense passion for prisoners. She has been actively involved in reaching to inmates and sharing the gospel with them. She regrets however that many churches pay little attention to this area of ministry. One of the greatest challenges facing the ministry is creating a place to rehabilitate ex-prisoners. “We can reach them in the prison and they could be converted. But where do they go after they serve their prison terms. That is a major concern for us and we are trusting God for rehabilitation centres for ex-inmates.” Sokoya could reached on 08064895393

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