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Tackling era of post-modern Christian culture in the Church    

by Church Times

By Pastor Toyin Oluwibe

There is this news that is trending in Christian circles about a particular young Pastor with dreadlocks and some other postures that many critics from Pentecostal and Evangelical circles believe do not go in line with Christian culture.
Many Pastors and Christians condemned his actions while some Pastors and Christians believe that he is the embodiment of the new phase of Pentecostal culture which many Christians have been yearning for in Nigeria.
Our arguments and debates can not change the narrative. Rather, we need to pray for a change of heart for this young man and beseech God to touch the hearts of the major Christian leaders to reach out to him.
Many of us don’t know that we are in the era of post-Christian culture in the Church. This new culture in the Church is a subtle reaction to Christianity.
At the surface level, it seems the Church is marching on, with many Church auditoriums springing up everywhere but these auditoriums are filled with people who want the benefits of Christ but don’t want to have a connection with the Christian faith. They selectively claim virtues rooted in Christianity while selectively rejecting the truth that reveals those virtues.
They justify things condemned in the Bible and move from assuming Christian values to ignoring them, resenting them, and finally persecuting them.

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The Post-modern Christian Culture reflects how most Christians choose their places of worship; they join the church because they are looking for contracts, business opportunities, girlfriends and boyfriends, and rich, handsome, and sexy Pastors.
We must not walk away from this crisis but rather confront it. We need to withdraw to the closet and rebuild our prayer altars again. There must be a revival in the Church, for we are raised at such a time like this.
This is not the time for the church to rest on its oars. We are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.  The devil will keep making attempts to make the Church a laughing object, but the Lord has promised that He will build His church and that the gate of hell will not prevail against it.
That notwithstanding, we need to play our part in regular intercession and prayer so that the eyes of understanding of those in our worship places will open. By all godly means, we must confront the monster that is making a mess of holy things. The time is now!

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