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Suleiman’s saga: Pastor says estranged couple are ingrates, recalls role in crisis

by Church Times

Apostle Psalm Okpe, one of the friends of Apostle Johnson Suleman has given further insight into the crisis between Mike Davies and his wife, Faith who have lately taken to the social media to talk about their embattled marriage.

Pastor Mike had cried for help in a video alleging that his wife, Faith who is the Abuja pastor of Omega Fire Ministry had been hypnotised and was having amorous affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of the church.

He claimed in a rather distraught tone that his wife had confessed to him that Apostle Suleiman slept with her seven months after she had her baby in Uyi Grant hotel Auchi Edo State.

Faith however denied all allegations of infidelity levelled against her by her estranged husband.

In a video on her Facebook page on Monday, January 25, she denied all the allegations wondering what could have made her husband make such a heinous allegation.

She said she had known Apostle Suleman right from when she was single and that Suleman had played the fatherly role in her life.

Faith, a former staff of the Nigeria Television Authority recalled all the trauma she went through in her marriage in the video and how she had attempted suicide. She said her husband married her a virgin, a claim that was confirmed by her husband in his own post.

But Psalm Okpe in a video claimed he was giving a true account of the whole saga. He expressed bitterness over the attitude of both Mike and Faith.

He recalled the role he played in reconciling the couple with Apostle Suleman a couple of years ago wondering why they refused to acknowledge his role in ensuring they made up with Suleman.

Apparently, both Mike and Faith have had issues with Apostle Suleman. Okpe who is the Senior Pastor of Fresh Oil Ministry based in Egbeda, Lagos said the couple met brick walls in trying to make up with the Apostle.

“Pastors who promised to help them reconcile with Apostle Suleman were charging them N1 million, some N1.5million. That was the reason I had to step in to help them speak with Apostle Suleman because he is my friend and brother,” he said.

He said his first encounter with Faith was when she ministered in his church in 2019 adding that it was that ministration that made him know Apostle Suleman was her father in faith. He later got to know Faith and her husband were having issues with Apostle Suleman.

Giving a rather dramatic account of how he carried out the reconciliation between the couple and Suleman, Okpe recalled Apostle Suleman gave out about $7,000 to all the parties involved including himself in the course of the reconciliatory moves. He said $3,000 was his own share of the money.

Okpe then expressed shock at the video released by Mike. He said the picture he was showing to depict that his wife was having an amoral relationship with Apostle Suleman were pictures he took with his own phone during the several efforts to reconcile them with Apostle Suleman adding that Mike had cropped out some other faces in the picture to create an intended impression on the minds of the public.

Though Okpe did not give a hint on the nature of the problem the couple had with Apostle Suleman, he said he was disappointed in both Mike and Faith who deliberately did not acknowledge his mediatory role.

He said Apostle Suleman who according to him is presently in Gambia for a crusade did not want to have anything to do with the couple who had been suspended but that it was his effort that brought them back to Suleman.

But as soon as they reconciled with Apostle Suleman, Okpe said Faith blocked him on Facebook and Whatsapp and had refused to get in touch with him ever until she saw her video on the crisis

He said he did not even know Faith was in charge of a branch of the Omega Fire Ministry in Abuja recalling how Mike threatened to leave his wife and the children. He said it was disingenuous for Mike to claim that Apostle Suleiman eloped with his wife because he and his wife live in the same estate in Abuja.

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