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Seminary Provost urges all to emulate children @ CEU rally

by Church Times

By Yanju Uwala

Provost of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TACN) LAWNA Theological Seminary, Ayegbaju, Ilesa, Osun State, Pastor Gabriel Olugbenga Ayotunde, Ph.D. has pleaded with believers to learn from the simplicity of the life of children.
He made the call at the rally organised by the Child Evangelism Unit (CEU) of the seminary on Sunday, March 24
The event took place at the Chapel of Excellence of the seminary with the theme, “The Precious Sons of Zion  taken from Lamentations 4:2)”,

Children forgive easily

Ayotunde who addressed attendees at the rally said the only way people can show that they are truly Christians is if they forgive the way children forgive and take the things of the world lightly the way children do. “
“The life of the child is devoid of the complications that many adults carry about. We must walk in this understanding. I would like to urge everyone to be precious sons and daughters of God, to always walk in the way of God, and also be obedient to His will and directives.” he said.
He said living like children will qualify them to be called the children of God. “God has given us the power to be children of God. That is the promise the Lord made.  He gave all those who believed him the power to become children of God. The power is there. We must live out the life of God in us.” he said

Provost praying for the children at the rally

The rally

During the rally, the CEU choir rendered the anthem, ‘ “We Are Children In The Hand of God”. The children made it known that we are called to spread the gospel of God to the world, and also we are precious in God’s eye.
A short drama titled, Precious Sons of God was staged by the CEU drama group. It taught the children to cultivate the habit of walking in the way of the Lord and stay away from the temptations of the devil.
The CEU children were also presented with gifts, as a means of appreciating them for the rally programme. The bible quiz winners are Ayoola Salau, Victory Adepoju, Greatness Afolabi, and Paul Alakuko. They were all presented with gifts.
Winners of different categories of completion include; Senior (Isaac Alakuko), Junior (Ayoola Salau), Primary (Wisdom Afolabi), and Nursery (Okiki Adewoyin).  There was a choreography with the song title, ‘Oba Ni Jesu’.

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