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Security expert counsels on how to be free from robbery attack

by Church Times
A Safety and security expert, Dr Timi Ajayi, has expressed concern about the increasing robbery cases around the city of Lagos while also giving tips on how to keep safe from the attacks.
He gave the counsel while featuring recently on RadioOne breakfast show, known as “This Morning”.
Ajayi who has put in over 20 years as a security expert noted that many people are victims of armed robbery attacks because they expose too much about themselves in the public.
According to him, “Many people for instance display expensive phones on the dashboard of their vehicles. That is a ready recipe for thieves on the prowl. My counsel is that people should not display such items in public so they don’t attract thieves. Many miscreants disguise themselves as hawkers in the traffic. They intend to dispossess motorists and the unsuspecting public of their property. So people should be careful the way they handle their phones and other valuables in public”
He noted also that “Some people say too much while in public which easily gives them away. Many robbery attacks are usually a result of the information robbers gather in the public. So my counsel is that people should say less about themselves in the public.
“They should also be careful about the kind of information they store on their phone because the phone may be stolen and may be used to defraud the owner. They also should be careful how they use social media. Some people share everything about their lives in public. This is not being security-wise.”  he said.

Empower security agencies

While decrying the inefficiency of some security agencies in Lagos, Dr Ajayi urged the state government to do more than lip service in protecting the lives and property of residents.
“The basic problem many of the security agencies have is manpower and tools to work with. I think government has to invest more in providing for them and equipping them to perform optimally. Beyond that, there is a need to boost the morale of those in the agencies. ” he said.
He noted further that people should be conscious of their environment. “Many people walk around without taking note of their environment. Some people put on earpiece and just get carried away while walking on the road. This could be risky because, with the earpiece, they are cut off from the public and may not know if there is a need to respond to an emergency.”
Ajayi also corroborated a caller’s suggestion that security men should do regular patrol across the city of Lagos.

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