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Respect your husband as your lord, Bishop Abioye tells women

by Church Times

First Vice President of the Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Abioye has cautioned women against following human rights dictates in their homes in the name of promoting what is called rights.

Abioye, in a message monitored online by Church Times also urged parents to train their daughters to respect their husbands and train their sons to love their wives.

He said, “Teach your daughters to respect their husbands. Don’t go the way of human rights. Honour your husband. Respect your husband as your lord. It is not about slavery, it is about following the biblical way. Human rights can’t be equal to redemption rights. Don’t bring the pollutions of the world to the church”

Abioye further urged families to follow Bible principles “so you can become principals in the world. Don’t be carnal otherwise, your children will be carnal.”

Earlier in the message, he pleaded with parents to train their children in the way of the Lord saying however that the kind of lifestyle they live will determine the life of their children.

He said, “There is no better way to train a child than by showing good examples. Before you train your child query your lifestyle. Train up a child, he will not depart from it. Are you a mother who begs, get ready, your children will beg.

“Our children today are compassionate. They give to us and give to God because they learnt it from us.”

Abioye who celebrated his 6oth birthday recently said he grew up in a family where people were contented. “I never saw my mother begging for things. We were contented with what we what. That was the way we were brought up. So it has never occurred to me to beg for things, My grandmother had a culture of giving.” he said.


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