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Prophet Tomi Arayomi recounts ordeal with DSS, leaves Nigeria, aide still in detention.

by Church Times

Founder of  RIG Nation, Prophet Tomi Arayomi has recounted his ordeal in the hands of the Directorate of State Security on Friday April 7

He made public his ordeal on his Twitter handle on Sunday, April 9. He described how he and his wife along with his aide were forcefully taken away to the DSS headquarters in Abuja

According to him, the men who arrested him were armed. He said they did not even identify themselves as DSS until he was forcefully taken to their office.

He wrote on his Twitter handle:

Prophetess Tahmar and I will like to express our gratitude for all your prayers and international support during Friday’s ordeal with DSS.

“We can confirm that on Good Friday, April 7 we arrived in Abuja to visit one of our branches when we were picked up by about six armed agents who did not identify themselves as DSS or law enforcement agency.

“My wife, myself, and my aide, Emmanuel Nzerika were forced to surrender our mobile phones and enter the vehicle where we were taken at considerable speed to what we later learnt was DSS HQ. The officers some of whom were balaclavas were not immediately recongisable as DSS.

Our pictures were taken, fingerprints and data collected and we were locked inside a room with no real knowledge as to the grounds of our arrest. After a lengthy interrogation, it appears media and social media pressure forced DSS to release my wife and I. My aide still remains under DSS custody and thus far DSS has been elusive as to his exact whereabouts. We will not divulge the particulars of the investigation at this point as we are still awaiting the safe release of my aide

“Out of concern for my young children and wife’s well-being, we made the unfortunate decision to leave Nigeria abruptly. This decision did not come lightly but with considerable prayer and counsel from our board, trustees, colleagues in the ministry, and respective families.

“I can confirm that we are safe and will continue to pray for a new Nigeria. We remain resolute that we will return to the nation that we have grown to call our home. But for now, we will continue to press, pray and give God no rest until Nigeria becomes a praise in the earth.

“We did not come to Nigeria under any illusion of comfort We came to serve the Lord fully aware of the danger. We want you to know that Tahmar and I remain remain strong and unwavering in our commitment to Nigeria and the many great leaders we have encountered during our time there. We want to thank every leader and friend who reached out, called, texted. Posted. We are so grateful. This is not goodbye. This is see you soon in a new and better Nigeria


Arayomi is an international prophet known for his prophetic offerings to the nations. He has a strong online presence. Until recently, he lived in the UK from where he relocated to Nigeria to launch his ministry afresh. But the experience of the last few days has forced him to go back to the UK.

His ministry, RIG Nation was founded in 2007 but was relaunched about two years ago. RIG stands for Restoring Issachar’s Generation. It is a mission based on 1 Chronicle 12:32: “The sons of Issachar who had an understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.”

The ministry’s vision is to restore the apostolic and prophetic ministry back into the Body of Christ and to equip this generation to be in a position and condition for use by God. It is not clear why the DSS arrested him but his arrest may not be unconnected with many of his prophecies concerning Nigeria.

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