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PFN Lagos conference

Our position on 2023-Lagos PFN…unveils plan for societal transformation

by Church Times

The Lagos Chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria has unveiled its plan for societal transformation via a  project tagged Greater Nigeria Project.

 PFN unveiled the plan at a press conference held in Lagos on Tuesday, August 30. The body also talked about the 2023 elections and its position on party candidates.

 The conference was addressed by the leadership of the fellowship including its chairman, Apostle Eyinnaya Okwuonu, Deputy Chairman, Pastor Oluleke Akinola, and its Secretary, Apostle Akin Akindejoye.

 The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Greater Nigeria Project, Pastor Olumide Olugbenle, and the Deputy Secretary of the Lagos PFN, Rev Julie Binitie were also at the briefing.

Transformation agenda

 Speaking on the transformation plan, Apostle Eyinnaya said the fellowship plans to hold a one-day conference.  The conference according to him will create a fresh orientation among Christians in the state. It will hold on October 7 at Vineyard Christian Ministries,36 Osolo Way, Ajao Estate.

 The idea is being championed by the National President of the fellowship, Bishop Wale Oke. 

 “Right now, the National President of the PFN Bishop Wale Oke is going all over the country with the transformation agenda message. He has been to a number of states and he will be visiting Lagos on October 7. The goal is to hold a one-day awareness conference where critical sectors of life will be addressed.”Eyinnaya said.

 He added that the fellowship has since realised it has a major role to play in birthing a new nation. “The essence of the conference is to create that understanding in concrete terms in the minds of Christians. In spite of what is happening, we believe Nigeria is a great nation.”

The conference is targeted at every stratum of society. He said, “Many of the National Executive of the PFN will be coming to Lagos for the conference.  “The Pentecostals in Lagos are about 8 million. Our aspiration is how we can build a new Nigeria. Captains of industries, leaders of churches, organisations, and young people are expected at the conference. The governor of Lagos State has also been invited to grace the occasion”

 Okwuonu stated that the conference became necessary given the level of hopelessness and depression in the country.   

He said “the Greater Nigeria Project is one of the Ten-point agenda of Bishop Wale Oke.  The Project took off in Akwa Ibom on the 10th& 11th  of August 2021″ The fifth edition will hold in Lagos.

A New Dawn

 The Lagos  PFN has however chosen to take the lead to organise distinct engagements during the visit of Bishop Oke. The theme of the Lagos Conference is A New Dawn- Revival &Transformatio:  Taking Responsibility for Societal Transformation.  It is in line with the Greater Nigeria Project.

 Apostle Okwuonu said the conference will provide an opportunity for Business Owners and Professionals to access divine resources that will enable them to discover new opportunities and create sustainable Pan-Africa businesses and societies.

There will also be music, worship, and impartation sessions. There will be an opportunity for the Youth to be part of the end-time agenda for societal transformation in their various spheres of influence.

Gathering not a political rally

 Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Greater Nigeria Project, Pastor Olumide Olugbenle said about 12000 participants are expected at the event. It will also be viewed online by thousands of people.

 He said the event will also serve as an opportunity to give a post-humous award to the late former Chairman of the fellowship, Bishop Sola Ore, and a host of other individuals.

 Adequate security measures are being put in place to ensure that the programme is hitch-free.  The fellowship however warned that it would not want the event to be misconstrued as a political rally.

 “What we want to do is to take responsibility for the transformation of the society. We are the light and salt of the world, we should be able to effect change.” the fellowship stated.

 While disabusing the minds of people that the coming conference is linked to the 2023 elections the fellowship stressed that transformation has levels. “We believe God will minister to lives. When people are transformed the society will be transformed.” 

2023 elections: Our stand

 The fellowship insists that it is apolitical. “PFN will not endorse any political party. We are conscious of the fact that we need to only support party candidates that we know can deliver. And this should be determined by members. We are not going to endorse any party. What we have told our people is to watch out for people who have integrity and character.

 We are creating a new mindset among Christians. We are encouraging our people to participate in the political process,” said the PFN chair

 The fellowship also notes that some members of the executive belong to different political parties. “We can’t afford to support a particular party because we don’t want to cause division in the body. We have also told our members not to use their pulpit to campaign for any party. What we have been telling our people is to get their PVC and come out en-masse to vote for candidates of their choice”

 He stressed that “there is no connection between what we are doing and 2023. But we are preparing for 2023 prayerfully. We are praying for the success of the election and that God’s will be done.”

 The fellowship emphasised that it is more concerned about individual transformation which it said the coming conference will address.

 “We are talking about starting afresh. Let individuals play their roles well. It is not only about leaders but also about the followers. We all need a mind change.” the fellowship stressed. 

Lagos PFN conference

Chairman Steering Committee Greater Nigeria Project, Pastor Olumide Olugbenle, Deputy Chairman PFN Lagos, Rev Oluleke Akinola, Chairman PFN Lagos Apostle Enyinnaya Okwuonu, State Secretary, Apostle Akin Akindejoye State Secretary PFN Lagos and Deputy Secretary, Rev Julie Binitie after the press conference

PFN is a well-structured body

 Contrary to what some people think, Okwuonu said the PFN  is one of the most structured Christian bodies in Nigeria. “It is a fallacy to say the PFN is not organised and has no structure. We just recently inaugurated our Europe and South Africa branches.

 “We have our international headquarters in Abuja. The National Secretariat is in  Lagos.  We have PFN in all the states in Nigeria. In Lagos alone, we have 21 provinces with over 200 chapters. What is more structured than that?

 “The PFN is perhaps more structured than most government parastatals. We have directorates In PFN that handle all spheres of human life. The PFN of today is not what it used to be. There is order in PFN. If any member wants to bring the name of Jesus to disrepute we apply sanction.

 “Everybody is encouraged to do what is right. Our slogan in Lagos is Let the church be the church.”

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