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PIU: Triumph of Oxford University model in Nigeria

Creating opportunity for individuals, organisations to co-run mega varsity

by Church Times

There is perhaps no better opportunity for institutions and individuals that are passionate about the education sector to make an impact in the sector than now.

 This is because of the unique opportunity created by Providence International University, an evolving citadel of learning located in Imala, Ogun State.

 The movers of these institutions include the Former Chairman of Unilever,  Felix Ohiwerei, who serves as chairman of the board, Dr. Peter Ozodo. Dr. Victoria Ezeokoli, Most Rev. Michael Stephen (retd), Pastor Sam Buki Kputu  and Dr. Ife Sofola. Others are Pastor Ayo Adegbiji, Dr. James Rose and Prof. Gary S. Maxey, and Dr. Tony Rapu. They operate under the name Christian Development Foundation registered both in Nigeria and the US.

 The institution is poised to replicate the Oxford University model in Nigeria. If the dreams of the stakeholders sail through, it would be the first of its kind in Africa.

 The Oxford Model

But what is the Oxford model? For those who are not conversant with the story of citadels of learning, Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

 It is unique in that it is a collection of around fifty autonomous or semi-autonomous colleges. The implication of that is that several institutions and individuals have stakes in the university.

 In like manner, Providence International University is being conceived as a very strong university “umbrella” with eventually many autonomous or semi-autonomous colleges operating under it.

 Already the institution has acquired thousands of acres of land at Imala in Ogun State to birth this dream. With this university model, many churches and individuals who so desire to own their institutions may not need to think of land or logistics of establishing one.

 What they will need to do is to come to build such an institution on the vast portion of land that has already been acquired. Churches and other sponsors can establish their own academic “niche,” by sponsoring different colleges and schools in the PIU milieu.

 Church A for instance can decide to sponsor the College of Engineering. Another church can choose College of Journalism while another can opt for College of Medicine or College of Music etc

 Just to give you an idea, the advantages to this concept are many, including:


 To be a part of PIU, each faculty or college is expected to optimize its enrollment. This normally involves an institutional commitment to move to 4,000 scholars-in-training over the next decade.

 Nigeria is now the sixth most populous country in the world and will surpass the US population before 2050, making this goal very achievable, with strategic student recruitment and maintenance of high standards.

 Additionally, the inevitable international status of PIU will greatly enhance the international nature of individual college enrollment. 

Video documentary of the Providence International University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3OiT3LDwXs


 PIU will command a large national and international platform which will of necessity carry each college along. PIU’s advertising and growing reputation will ensure a broader awareness of individual colleges and their mission.


 PIU offers individual colleges premium opportunities for land holdings. Each college can be given access to at least seventy-five acres on the PIU campus of the future.


 Here is an opportunity for sponsored colleges to stand out among Nigeria’s many colleges as unique and the most visible of its kind in West Africa—and beyond.


 By becoming a part of PIU, individual colleges can become legitimately university-accredited, as a PIU partner.


 Because of its location away from the huge and expensive Lagos environment, individual college faculty members will be able to purchase their personal landed properties in the expansive planned community all around the PIU campus.


Huge opportunity

 The opportunities are no doubt huge and compelling. The project is being driven by Christian Development Foundation. It is a non-governmental body registered both in Nigeria and the US.

 The President of the foundation, Dr. James Rose, an American and former GM of Exxon Mobil took an early retirement from Exxon Mobil to pursue the dream.

 CDF plans to open the first faculties in 2024. An estimated $20 million is being projected for the funding of the initial university development between now and 2024. A lot more funds will be pumped into the project as time goes on.

 Presently, sensitization work is being done to sell the idea to churches, individuals, and institutions that have the vision of helping the education sector in Nigeria.

 Prof Gary Maxey who is the co-chair of the university told Church Times the project is a lifetime opportunity for Nigeria to set the pace for Africa.

Prof Maxey could be reached on +234-915-462-8646 (WhatsApp) or drgarymaxey@gmail.com


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