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Paul Adefarasin Plan B option: Why we should not nail it by Ninyo Omidiji

by Church Times

Still on Plan B

If you ever moved from your village to a city in search of greener pastures, either to school or work, I do not think you have a moral right to challenge people rooting for plan B. Unless your definition of plan B is very narrow.

Same goes for those who have changed job or careers. Some among us who wrote Jamb exam did not get their first choice of course of study, so they had to settle for the second option. Today many are happy they did.

Friends, if you have a plan B and the means to execute it, I would advise you to pursue it rigorously when the need arises. Don’t listen to naysayers. It is okay not to have an alternative plan. However, disparaging those who have leaves more to be desired.

Again, I am bemused to see how many are using scriptures to demonise the idea of “plan B” when the narrative will literally jump at you from the pages of the scriptures. You will not need to search deep to see how people moved from one place to another, either in search of greener pastures or away from danger.

When Adam and Eve bungled the garden of Eden arrangement, God was not left without options. He sent them packing and protected the tree of life and set in motion the program of salvation for man. That’s plan B activated.

There’s a book called exodus in the Bible. Exodus means movement of God’s people. It was the movement of God’s people from the place of suffering to a promised land. Whoever thinks God’s people don’t move may have to check their theology again.

When the first world was polluted by all kinds of abominable acts, God did not look on helplessly. He activated a plan B. He wiped out the first world and preserved a few with Noah’s ark.

When Esau wanted the head of Jacob, plan B was activated. His mother send him away from his father’s house to his uncle in a faraway place. He ran for safety. Yet, God was with him. He was there for a time and season. If he didn’t, he’d be dead.

When Herod wanted the head of the “boy Jesus” in Judea, he was moved to Egypt on the instruction of an angel of God.
When Naomi faced a massive loss of her entire family in a foreign land where they had migrated earlier, she activated a plan B. She returned home with Ruth. The book of Ruth is a testimony to this. You know the rest of the story.

All through the new testament books, you will see examples of how people moved away from danger even when they were being persecuted for their faith. Read up on Paul’s 1st and 2nd missionary journeys and identify how he escaped a few times from danger.

At a time, Paul was let down in a basket through the window to escape from his would-be assailant. At another time, he pretended he was dead when they stoned him. Afterwards, he stood up and went his way.

This is for those who think that what generated this debate on plan B was clear-cut persecution for our faith in Christ. It was not. What’s happening in Nigeria is a combination of a lot of vices. Persecution is way down in the list. Even in persecution, you can move. Jesus told his disciples, if they persecute you in one place, move to another.

I could actually go on and on. The idea of a Plan B should not even be a debate. Doing an ‘exegesis’ on Plan B looks somehow to me. Plan B is both common sense and God-sense. If God wanted man to remain in a spot, he would make him like a tree. And God uses different means to communicate with man to activate an alternative plan, distress inclusive.

At Babel, when men wanted to live at the same spot, God Himself scattered their language. When they no longer understood one another, they knew it was time to go their separate ways. They did.

Friends, if you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree ?. However, do not hesitate to commit your ways into God’s hand and seek for guidance. It is possible to move from frying pan to fire.

Additionally, people seem to think relocation is all there is to Plan B. No. This is not true. At the moment and unfortunately so, Israel and Gaza are at war, firing rockets and killing themselves.

Israelis are not running because they already have viable alternatives. In other words, Plan B was activated on their soil in time of war. They had prepared shelters for their civilians to protect them from explosives. They quickly moved them there.

They have what is called iron dome, which has successfully neutralised 90 percent of the rockets fired at them. As at the last count, over 300 rockets have been launched at Israel with properties destroyed but you could count on your fingers the number of human casualties.

Anyone who despises Plan B is like Mallam El-Rufai of Kaduna State who insisted on not negotiating with kidnappers but has no viable alternative or plan B to rescue the victims or stem the tide of kidnapping.

And for many of us, Nigerians, prayer is our plan B. God forbids it that Nigeria and Israel are to be on a warpath today, Nigerians would still be calling on “God of Israel” to help them defeat Israel ??‍♂️?‍♂️??. Sorry sir, prayer is important in time of distress but it is not a plan B. In prayers, God inspires us on a plan of action to take, a way of Escape. After prayer, Plan B is meant to be activated.

In conclusion, Plan B is native to man. It is wisdom and it is godly. You should not even wait for anyone to persuade you. Again, Let no man demonise it before you. Let no one tell you that you are lily-livered for having one. Let no man tell you that God is not in your Plan B. Many people saying Jesus is their plan B may actually have plan B, C, and , D.

Some have already executed several plan B’s in the past, yet, they seek to discourage others. This is not fair. Unless you perceive God is asking you to stay put somewhere, please don’t hesitate to move. Can God ask you to stay in a place in spite of distress? Absolutely yes!

Finally, I know many among us have misgivings about this Plan B thing because of where the debate started from. Many are yet to forgive his role in the tithing debate. I think we should learn to be dispassionate on issues Iike this.

You don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. You don’t have to like the person of Pastor Adefarasin to acknowledge that his drift on this matter is in order. Even Moses did not discard the advice of Jethro, his father-in-law, because he was a pagan priest, when he advised him to appoint judges in managing the affairs of his people.

I am for the truth, no matter where it is found.

To those who have a plan B, God bless your endeavours. To those who have none, May God bless your resolve.

Please, let’s get over this business.

It is a new day!


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