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The principalities troubling Nigeria will soon be no more-Prophet Okikiola

by Church Times

Holy ghost koboko: Prophet Okikiola on Nigeria


Prophet Michael Okikiola is known among his members and followers as Holy Ghost koboko. He is the founder of Daily Spiritual Tonic Outreach. He shares his ministry experience with Isaac Ngumah. Below are excerpts:

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Why are you called Holy Ghost Koboko? 
I got that name in 2002 when I was doing bible training in Deeper Life. Most times I was asked to lead prayers I led prayers aggressively. I was fond of saying anyone that will not allow me to fulfill my destiny be flogged with Holy Ghost Koboko. Since then whenever fellow brothers see me they will say that brother that uses Holy Ghost Koboko to pray. Many did not know my name real name so they got used to calling me Holy Ghost koboko.

You must have been experiencing the move of the Holy Ghost in your church. What has been the experience?
Last year June precisely a man with insanity was brought here we prayed and God healed him in Jesus name through the power of the holy ghost. We had the issue of a woman that have not menstruated for ten years who had an encounter with God in the church. She began her period on that very day. We have recorded a lot of miracles including the people being blessed with the fruit of the womb. The Holy Ghost has proved himself real in our midst. Many lives are also being saved.

Men of God that  go with private jet what is your take?
I won’t say it is a bad idea. People used to believe Christianity is for poor people. That is not true. The important thing is not to acquire the jet in a fraudulent way. By the way many of the men of God who use private jets need it because of their busy schedules around the world. I believe as long as no one is hurt by the use of the private jet, the man of God can use it. It is sad that when cult people buy private jet we don’t talk but when a man of God buys it we raise issues.

What is your stand on tithing. Some people are castigating its payment?
Anyone that castigate tithing is not a Christian. Matthew 23V23 talks about it. I think that has been the yardstick. There must be a balance. You don’t concentrate on tithe paying and abandon the weightier matters of the law. Paying tithes does not make you go to heaven and not paying does not debar you from heaven. But it is an instruction that must be carried out. The Bible encourages us to bring all tithes to the house of God. It is an instruction. We claim many promises in the Old Testament but we reject the one that has to do with money. Payment of tithe is genuine. It is real. It must be done. It is scriptural. Those that go against it are not children of God.

How has your ministry affected the society especially the youths. What impact has it created?
To the glory of God in this ministry through the power of the holy ghost, God has used us to bring area boys, prostitutes and many unruly children to the knowledge of God. We have been involved in impacting our surroundings. We believe in preaching the gospel and also getting involved in the community we find ourselves. We helped in the construction of road in the community. We have been of help to those looking for job. Last year December we were able to give some food to one or two persons that were thoroughly in need. Just last month we assisted a particular sister with house rent. We hope to do more as God gives us the grace.

 How committed is your wife to your ministry?
Wow! she has been the backbone of the ministry in terms of support. She prays and fasts always. After God, my wife is next in terms of support base. She has been there in every area.

The state of insecurity in Nigeria is worrisome. How do you think the church help out?

The way to address insecurity is to preach the gospel. If we all preach the gospel and we emphasise right living the country will be a better place. The way I see it is that if we preach the gospel there will be some of our listeners who will have a change of heart. The power to convert the sinner is of the holy ghost. But we are to preach the gospel and speak the word. But the problem is that we are not addressing issues about the lives of people. We should preach against armed robbery, we should preach against kidnapping and all kinds of crime. If that is done, many who are yet to know the Lord and those who are doing these things will come to repentance.

What do you think about the purported Fulani radio and alleged planned islamisation of Nigeria.?
I don’t believe it’s possible to islamise Nigeria. We are a country of both Christian and Muslims and a few percentage of other religions. There is freedom of worship. So any government that says it wants to Islamize Nigeria will have a hard time doing that. Christians should however be praying. We don’t need to fight. The holy ghost is the one who helps the believer. I can tell you Nigeria can never be Islamized. I don’t think we should compare Nigeria with Turkey.

As a prophet  of God what is God telling you about Nigeria 
Nigeria will be good again. There is a place that God is taking this country to and he knows that sooner or later things will get better in Nigeria because some of the so called principalities of Nigeria they will go down and the real beauty of Nigeria will appear. I am so sure by the holy ghost of God in me that Nigeria will be great again.

What about those that are clamoring for their own country like  IPOB and the rest
I don’t see that working because the country of Nigeria is the combination of the tribes. We have the Igbos Yoruba, Hausas and many others. I can Assure you Nigeria cannot be divided go and write it down. They won’t succeed in dividing Nigeria, Nigeria will still be good. We trust that the holy ghost will help us as a nation to overcome all our challenges.

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