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14 men proposed marriage to me as a single lady- Funke Adejumo

by Church Times
By Kehinde Eniayejuni
Co-founder of Agape Christian Ministries, Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo has revealed that 14 men approached her for marriage while she was still a single lady waiting on God for a life partner.
She made this disclosure in a message titled, “wrong reasons Christians marry”.
Her words, “as a single lady, 14 brothers proposed marriage to me, my husband was the 14th man. I was the most active sister in church, I just loved Jesus, I just loved serving him”
While insinuating that her church activity might have impressed the brothers who asked for her hand in marriage, she said any man who wants to marry must not be moved by the physical look of the lady.
“No matter how beautiful ladies are, their spiritual life is very important. Don’t be deceived by my make-up and Jewelry. My spiritual head is correct” she said, urging parents to pray for their wards to remain in God’s will.
“Pray for them, let them remain in the will of God, don’t push them to become the second wife in anybody’s home, stop putting pressure on your children,” she said.
She also warned singles against being superficial in their search for the right partner. She emphasized that marriage is an eye-opener and “would eventually reveal your true character. Marriage is the highest level of friendship you will have. So, marry a person you know and you like very well”.

Marriage: Forget material consideration

She however kicked against material considerations in marriage.
“When my husband and I got married, things were so tough that it was the money from those that were congratulating us that we put together, about N80 then, to get a mattress for us to sleep that night. I can’t forget. It was a cream colour Bode Foam. To tell you we had to get a mattress to sleep on the day of our wedding. But today if we need to open a mattress factory, I don’t think we will need to pray more than 3 minutes”
She then urged parents to pray for their children urging single ladies, in particular, to look beyond the present as they wait for the right partner. “Don’t marry a man based on what he drives but on what drives him. Does he have a vision? Because within this vision there is a provision” she said.


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