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“Why man has to leave his father and mother to be joined to his wife”

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Pastor Animashau

Pastor of Latter House of Glory, Lagos, Oladimeji Oladimeji has explained why the Bible emphasized the need for a man to leave his father and mother to be joined to his wife.

Oladimeji in his Sunday sermon June 27 noted that it is amazing that God never asked the woman to leave father and mother. “This is so because the woman leaves naturally when she takes on the name of the man. The woman does not have a problem leaving. But it is the man that has that challenge because the man still holds to his name even after marriage. So God had to instruct that the man has to leave and be joined to his wife.”

He reasoned that the pressure of family can debar a man from fulfilling destiny. “That is why he has to leave his father and mother to be joined to his wife. God demands that the man should leave because if the man is not careful he will still be attached to the family he came from after marriage.

“The agenda of the family where the man is coming from can make him run contrary to what God has set for him in his new home. If the man is not careful he will be brought into what is not his assignment. But the truth is that if the man pleases God, He will ensure that his parents are pleased. The real purpose of a man as a priest is first to tap into the mind of God and get his plan for his own family.”

He noted, “Many men are married but they are yet to leave their father and mother. They are still tied to their apron string and really don’t have a mind of their own.  Their mothers still come around to tell them how to run their homes and how to live. They have not grown enough to maturity to stand alone and create a path for their own family.”

Animashau said also that “many people are looking for male children because they are looking for who will take care of them in old age. But that is not the reason why the male child is born. He is born to create a spiritual path for his own family.”

He said however that man is commanded to honour his parents. “Honour them.  Our parents deserved to be honoured. We are to honour our parents with our substance. But they should not be a distraction. You can honour them with your substance and ensure that they are doing well. That you respect your parents does not mean you will not have a mind of your own.” He said

Animashau reasons. “There is a grand plan that God has for every man. Joseph was able to know the plan of God for the children of Israel because his father must have communicated the vision of God to him. Beyond that, he was able to create a spiritual path for his own family. Every man must be able to carve a spiritual path for their family.

“Your assignment as a man is to be able to stand before God. You have a responsibility to download the mind of God. Find your purpose and download the mind of God for your generation. Till today the oracle of God is still with Israel because they have a godly heritage.”

“Man is not created to make money and enjoy life. We are here to fulfil the purpose of God for our lives. Wealth is not enough to leave for your children. You have to leave an inheritance that is beyond wealth. Many Nigerian companies don’t survive many generations because the motive is always about making money not vision. Abraham left a godly heritage for his children, not material things. But the name Abraham has continued for all generations. God wants the man to stand as a priest for his home and create a godly path for his family.”

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