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Lenten period has great significance for Nigeria –Prophet Honour Akindele

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Lenten Season


Lenten Season

Prophet Noah Honour Akindele JP, is the founder of Upper Room Ministry, an affiliate of Christ Apostolic Church. He was trained as pastor in the CAC. Also known as Kiniun Jesu, he served in the CAC as an evangelist and prophet before he was ordained pastor. He however started his own church in 2001.

In this interview, Oseyiza Oogbodo he speaks about the Lenten season and also about the rumour making the rounds that President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria has plans to islamise the country.


Some people say there are plans to Islamise Nigeria. Do you agree with them?


I don’t agree with them because this country cannot be islamised. No, no, no, no, no, noooooooooo. Nobody has that capacity. I’m sure of that. Our leaders don’t have it. I’m sure about that. The spirit of God hasn’t even told me anything like that, that our country is going to be islamised. The country is for both Islam and Christianity. Nigeria’s a country that God has chosen to be His own, so nothing like islamising the country.


What do have to say about the development in the UK where it is reported that Islam is growing and that many churches are closing down?


I don’t think that Islam is overtaking Christianity. But if it is true I believe it’s the Word of God coming to fulfillment concerning it, because Islam came up through a child that came out from Abraham. So if they say Islam is overtaking Christianity, well, I’m not sure, but if it’s so, that’s God’s will, it’s all well and good. But then Christians should check their lives and see if they are living according to God’s word. People don’t read the Bible.  But people will read you as a Christian. So if Islam is overtaking Christianity in all those areas, it means the Christians there are not living the Word of God. People aren’t seeing God in them.

Prayer is not enough. What matters most should be doing the Will of God. When you’re practicing a certain religion, you must follow what that religion teaches.

Lenten Season

Can you tell us the significance of the Lenten season to Christians, Christianity and the world?


Its significance is that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, he died, he was buried and he rose up the third day. It tells the story of hope. So the Lenten period is a recap of the time Jesus spent to wait on the Lord the fast and pray, the time of his crucifixion and his resurrection. The Lenten period for Christians is symbolic that we’re really in Christ; that we really accepted Him and recognize Him that He came to this world for us.

The Lenten period shows us that we have passion for His coming and we’re expecting Him again according to His word that He’s coming back. The Lenten time makes us come closer to Him in the spirit once in a year for that forty days and forty nights. Then it gives us mercy and blessings, especially in the spirit.


What is it about Lent in concrete terms, there are no signs we are in that season?


Lent started for about three weeks now (as at March 27, 2019. It’ll end in the month of April on the 18th or 19th. People probably may not show as if they know the Lenten is going on. But they know. What is happening is a reflection of our economy which is in a bad shape. We must also appreciate that we just finished the general elections. There are some people who might feel the Lenten period isn’t effective or that people aren’t observing it. But Christians are observing it, in fact, everybody knows it’s going on presently all over the world.

Does Lenten 2019 have any significance for Nigeria in particular?


Yes it does. During lent we pray for the country, pray for everybody. It is the prayers of the people of God that is holding our country together. The prayers of the saints have prevented wars and civil unrest. Our prayers is that God should guide our leaders and give them the spirit to do well and stop the hand of evil upon Nigeria.

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