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I have an idea of where Leah Sharibu is- Reno Omokri

by Church Times

Leah Sharibu: I have an idea of where she is-Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has said he has an idea of where Leah Sharibu stating however that he will not disclose the place for security purposes

He was reacting to allegations that he had made fortunes from the abducted Dapchi girl through his #freeleahsharibu campaign.

Omokri who was on a live Facebook chat with Daddy Freeze on July 7 said it is mischievous for anybody to think and make claims that he was making money from the campaign. He said however that he has been using his personal funds to prosecute the campaign for the release of the girl.

Nathan Sharibu, father of Leah has also reportedly dispelled insinuations that Omokri is making money from the campaign. In a newspaper report, he said the money accrued from the campaign were remitted to his personal account urging Omokri to disregard those making the allegation.

In the live Facebook chat monitored by Church Times, Omokri recalled there was a time it was rumoured that Leah had been killed.

“It was said to the press that she has been killed. I had to get in touch with the journalist close to Boko Haram and made contacts to Yobe and Maiduguri and discovered that it was not true that she is alive. Some people made fun of me when I said that. I was vindicated two weeks later when a live video was shown. The truth is that Leah Sharibu is alive. They are keeping her. I have an idea of where she lives. She is not dead.”

Omokri, an author who has been consistent in his attack on the government of Mohammadu Buhari said there was no way he could have made money from the project because he has never been a poor man. “I am a best-selling author. I’m going to sleep now by the time I wake up there would have been money in my account. I gave N2.7million of my personal funds to Nigerians during this lockdown. It is painful to me that some people will make such allegations. Nobody is willing to stand up to these desperate leaders.” He said.

He said he made several moves in the past to create a global awareness for the release of Leah. “I made free Leah Sharibu T. Shirt and ensured that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson wore the T. Shirt. And the UK newspapers published the pictures on their cover. Former Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May also wore the T. Shirt. I went to 32 nations meeting with leaders to help with the release of the girl. I went to Mount Everest, the highest place in the whole world to pray for her release. I was given an award by Hollywood as the humanitarian of the year.”

While alleging that the federal government began the rumour that he was making money from the campaign, he said, “I don’t have a money problem. I have been spending my personal money. The donations from the campaign were sent to the parents through the Christian Association of Nigeria chapter in Kaduna State.”

Omokri was on Channels TV on Sunday, July 5 to discuss and compare the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and that of former President Jonathan. It was in the process that a member of the APC and political economist, Ayo Oyalowo who also featured in the programme accused Omokri of failing to remit the proceeds from the fundraising movement he launched to help the Sharibus.

Meanwhile, Omokri has offered to pay N50million to anybody with proof that he has benefitted from the #freeleahsharibu campaign.


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