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Kumuyi gives tripartite approach to miracle as criticisms trail his  limousine ride

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Pastor Kumuyi alighting from the exotic Limousine


General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church Pastor Williams Kumuyi on Thursday, September 23  preached at the Abuja Deeper Life Church ahead of the church’s crusade tagged “divine solution.”

The crusade is expected to begin today Friday, September 24.

He challenged worshipers at the miracle service to believe God for transformation in their lives while he preached on “Believe and receive great wonder.”

Earlier in the day, his arrival to Abuja in a private jet and his ride in a Limousine car were criticized on social media.

Many commentators wondered if the 80-year-old cleric had changed to an ostentatious lifestyle from being conservative. Some however were indifferent. They believe the man of God has come a long way and deserves all the comfort and luxury

But the cleric did not disappoint as he mounted the rostrum to preach in the Abuja Church.

He ministered with fervour and deep convictions. He challenged his listeners; giving a tripartite approach to how to receive a turnaround from God.

He said the first step to receiving from God is to believe the report of the prophet. He gave instances in the Bible of how people believed prophetic messages and how they became beneficiaries of miracles and salvation.

He cited the example of Mary the mother of Jesus who believed the report of the Angel of God concerning her and she experienced the promised conception by the Holy Spirit.

He also cited the example of how the children of Israel believed Moses when he gave them instructions. He stressed that without believing, it may be impossible to receive from God.

Beyond believing the report, Kumuyi said there is a need to personalize the report. “You don’t stop at believing. You need to personalize the report. When God tells you something you have to personalize it.

“Accept the report and make it personal. Mary said, be it unto me as the Lord says; when the Angel of God gave her a prophetic message. When God says he will do something, be assured that he will do it.”

The third point in the message which lasted for about 40 minutes was Present Realisation. He said,  “At the moment you believe the report of the prophet and you personalize it, there will be an explosion of a miracle. You have heard the prophet’s report and you have made it a personal revelation then you will experience the miracle you are expecting. When the report becomes a personal revelation, then you will have a present realization”

He took time to pray for the sick assuring them of God’s determination and readiness to heal them.

The beauty of Kumuyi’s presentation was the evident charisma and agility that attended it. His age notwithstanding, he carried on throughout the programme with youthful fervor.


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