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The Ali-Must Go students demonstration of 1977 was a historic one. Led by the then National President of NANS, Segun Okeowo, A fearless activist that has remain a reference point in Student Union Activism. The students wanted the then minister of education to be sacked because of the unfavorable education policies in place at that time.

The students demonstration was Segun Okeowo’s own way of trying to make positive impact in the society. Unfortunately, ‘Ali did not go’ and things did not really change significantly.

However, in Segun Okeowo’s house then was his little son, Kolade who was less than 10 years old and was very inquisitive as a child. He may not have known the details of the students’ demonstration then, but he made up his mind to positively impact lives and invariably make the society a better place. By the time he came of age and found himself in God’s vineyard, he choose a unique instrument, the gospel.

Kolade Segun Okeowo’s major means of identification as a child was his late Father, Chief Segun Okeowo. Everybody would always refer to him as Kolade, Chief Segun Okeowo’s son.

Today, he has changed the narrative. People now appreciate him for the modest exploits he has been able to make over the years. With KSO, many people are of the opinion that the line between ‘Acting and Reality’ is almost invisible. Some school of thought are of the opinion that KSO inputs immense passion into acting.

For KSO, acting is his own little way of spreading the Gospel of Christ and a veritable means of correcting the decadence in the society that is almost becoming endemic.

He opines that prevention is not just better than cure, but is also cheaper and safer. Since the DRAMA commands attention and interest, it can then be used as a potent and subtle weapon of positive influence.

What stands KSO out amongst his colleagues is his desire to replicate himself in younger people through mentorship and for training that he offers to many people.

He has made a number of attempts to get elected into Ogun State House Assembly. The experience he had were not too complementary. This inspired him to come up with a platform known as Believers in Politics

He realised that Christians don’t succeed in politics because they do not get support from the brethren. Many of them are lone rangers. He then concluded that believers should go into politics and strategize prayerfully. When Christians ask people to go into politics, they should be willing to back them up physically and spiritually.

Believers in Politics is a nondenominational platform for Christians that belong to various political parties and those that are not card carrying members of any political party but have interest in politics.

Its membership has grown tremendously and there are chapters in almost all major states of the country.

Working in partnership with strategic Christian organizations like Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and Christian Association of Nigeria, a great mileage is being gained in the attainment of its objectives under the distinguished leadership of Kolade Segun Okeowo…….

The consensus amongst people is that KSO thorough Believers in Politics has succeeded in bringing seasoned Christian politicians in various parties together making them see Christ rather than self as a major driving force in Politics. He is making headway in changing the narrative that politics is a dirty game meant for dirty people by positively stimulating interest of brethren through strategic dissemination of information.

For KSO, the role played by Evangelical Christians in the victory of Donald Trump is an indication that with persistent and effective mobilization, Christians can change the tide in the political landscape of Nigeria.




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