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Israel’s birth, fate and warning to the Gentile nations (2)

by Church Times

By John Abiola

Would God be happy with the situation of Isreal? Would Jesus Christ not be pained by her spiritual state?
Yes, the question could be termed rhetorical because the answer is NO.

The assignment ( call of God) upon them is to evangelize the whole nation of the whole world (Gen 12: 3;Isa.58:6-8).
To propagate the Gospel of Christ, which is repentance and salvation not for the propagation of jewish laws and custom that God already fulfilled through the coming of Jesus Christ, or for the preservation of jewish laws and custom, rather for the preservation of the effects of the Cross which is repentance and salvation.Luke24:46-47;Matt 28:19. Repentance begats salvation.

We can say the nation of Israel knows nothing about the Bible, they are students of the Torah not of the complete Bible.
With such spiritual catastrophe, she needs a transformation that would only come when they give heed to Deuteronomy 18:18 which would positively lead to John 3:16.

Negativities of Israel’s sin and God’s change of plan.

Sin to be precise should not be taken with levity but with appropriate disgust against it’s cravings. Sin no doubt has a very grievous consequences when ones yields to it’s desires. Thank God for Christ’s death on the cross, if not, the malevolent hands of sin would have been too heavy for humanity to bear. Romans 5:9;1Pet.1:4;1John 2:1-2

We must come to understand, grasp and derive lessons from the sin of Isreal’s rejection of Christ and the consequences of her rejection.zach.11:1-17; Prov.1:24-26; Romans 9-12.

When Jesus Christ came to the house of Israel, to restore the lost glory of Israel back to her, according to the prophecy of Prophet Simeon, Israel as a result of failure to accept their spiritual blindness and yield to Jesus Christ with humility, a catastrophe worse than their past spiritual disulionmemt befell them.

It is heartbreaking that all the nations of the earth became affected by this action of prideful rejection. Luke 2: And Simeon said…. Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising of many in Israel”

You see, when God saw Isreal’s sudden abandonment because of sin, when God saw that Israel rejected His Son, His Chosen instrument that would certainly revive her fallen state and shine light to her blind eyes, in his infinite mercy, having foreseen (we) of this generation through his eyes, he took a U-turn for another plan.

What was this plan?

He began to raise and choose 12 disciples from this same Israel, remember they were all Jews. He choosed them, trained them under the tutelage of his Son Jesus Christ, then apportioned them with power and authority backed with a call on them – Luke 9:1-2, and disseminated 6them around to fufill the given mandate upon them. Hence, in the words of Acts 17:6, “they turned the whole world for Christ”.

Therefore, if the whole nation of Isreal had yielded to Jesus Christ -the new law, the staggering result the Apostles achieved would not have been only the 12 disciples but the whole nation of Isreal. That would have been a wonderful 360° effect on the whole world. Just Imagine they had accepted Jesus Christ and his new law, almost every one of them would have become like Peter the Apostle of their generation, actually, my mind cannot fathom the multitudes of souls that would have been won to Christ through them.

The Head (pharisees, sadducees, scribes) rejected the new law, the fruits under them couldn’t accept it because they only followed orders from the religious leaders, as such, the children of Israel were blind and to worsen their spiritual blindness, the leaders were also blind. Blind people following blind leaders was the fate of the nation of Isreal.Deut.29:4; Isa.56:10-12; Matt.13:10-16; Romans 11:7-10.

Hence the consequences of their action is the present spiritual discombobulation presently. Mal.1-2; Luke 21:24, John 12:37-40.

Let us come to understand this revelational light; if God had not choosed 12 disciples/ Apostles, foundational stones, there would have being nothing called CHURCH. ( One major ‘would have being’ consequence of Isreal’s rejection) because it was through this 12 that the spiritual institution called CHURCH evolved, so in other words the evolvement of Church would have been lost just because of Israel’s rejection and God’s total disappointment towards the people of Isreal. Eph.2:19-20;Rev.21:14.

In His mercies he began a new plan for them through the selected Jews turned Christ like. Can you see the light in this?
The mandate and commission that the Apostles fulfilled was meant not for only twelve Jews but for the whole nation of Isreal.

So if Israel had yielded, She would have achieved 2-3 times of what the Apostles achieved, infact who can tell if the rapture would have happened during their time if they had yielded. Is it not lack of souls for God’s Kingdom that is still delaying the rapture? in 2 Pet.3:9 Says “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.”

In other words, the twelve brought many souls to God’s kingdom, but the ordained number of souls that God desires to have has not been met and so he has delayed his coming to meet the target.

Hence, the reason for the existence of this present generation.Matt.24:14. Sin brought the disarray of God’s actual plan for Isreal and the whole familes of the earth that would be blessed through her.(Gen12:13)

We draw from here that if Israel had yeided, she would have evangelized the whole world for Christ and she would have become the leading evangelizing nation in the whole world. She would be a Christian nation teaching biblical Truth and message, saving souls and proliferating the move of the spirit. She lost her commission and her mandate through disobedience that led to Pride and unbelief.

Israel’s second chance and her way out.:

Repentance is the only way for Israel right now, and that is the motive behind this spirtual enlightening but lengthy piece.
Repentance is a state of change, a remorseful attitude or action towards a wrong action.

Once an action of repentance is achieved, restoration follows which leads to a reconfiguring back to the lost commission and mandate. Repentance is a change of heart, once the heart is afflicted by sorrow over sin committed, the act of true repentance is activated. Because of this trueness and credibility of the heart, it brings an action of change, an action of spiritual determination so as not to fall to the desire of such past sin.

What follows is his restoration over what that action of sin has stolen, realignment with God, reaffirment of covenant with God and promotion and perfection.

This I have stated will happen to the fallen Isreal, if the action of repentance is achieved.

Repentance begats change, and so if Isreal can repent, to turn away from her slumbering state, the past plan of God for Israel would not only manifest, a work of intense restoration would take place.


It’s important that you join in prayers daily for the restoration of Isreal, because Israel’s revival is every nation’s advantage. Remember, Genesis 12: 13, Through her every familes of the earth would be blessed( the blessings of revival and transformation).

Once Israel can come into the perfect plan of why God created her, she would surely proliferate the move around the people near her.

Her revival is other nation’s revival. Her glory is other nations glory(Luke 2: 32). How can we tap into the blessings of Israel?
Join us as we embark on a daily prayer for Israel for repentance and revival. We can tap from Israel’s blessings when we join hands in prayer for her.

Warning to the Gentiles.

Romans 9,10, & 11 fully explains the unsearchable wisdom and depth of God’s love for the whole Humanity.
Let us come to understand that Israel’s rejection lead to the great move for another species of people who by default are not and should not be part of the promise of God.

The Gentiles fall under the category of people I would state in two conscice word “UNLOVED AND NOT MY PEOPLE”.(Rom 9: 22 :26). This section of nation are not partakers of the divine promise meant for the first born people God by His power begated. No doubt they were creatures, created by God but by the aspect and reason of the plan and promises of God, they were out of the circular box.

In essence, a part of the promise would be accessed by them but not until the people originally ordained to be enjoyers of this promise acessed it first. The People of Israel were the ones who were meant and born for this promise, to show full understanding of this, Jesus Christ said in Matt 15:24,”But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Jesus Christ was not sent to fufill John 3: 16, rather it was for the whole world, but by His pre-arranged plan, Isreal was meant to access this righteousness before any other. But along the line, Romans 9:30 became the change of game plan. Why? Isreal’s rejection.

I want to lay hold of something, God in his infinite mercy remembered us, when Israel rejected him, He turned Israel’s rejection for our benefits. Israel’s rejection brought about our righteousness, our own Revival. Nevertheless, Romans 9- 11 explains that once the required number of all the Gentiles has accessed righteousness, Israel would be restored back to her ordained, pre-destined postion and obtain her lost fufilment of God’s promises for her life.(Rom 11: 11 – 12)

It’s in this light I call for Israel’s Repentance for her restoration, Because the time has come and the scripture has to be fulfilled.

However, a warning is stated in Romans 11:17-21 “And if some of the branches have been broken off, and you, being from a wild olive tree, have been grafted in among the branches, and share with them in the root and fatness of the olive tree, do not boast against the branches. But if you boast remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, The branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in. Well yes, but because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but have fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches, he may not spare you either”.

This elucidates the consequences of esteeming lightly what God has given to ‘we’ Gentiles. May we not be cut off after acquiring the promise given to us by privilege. It’s a warning meant to boycott the pseudo spirtuality among us. It’s a warning meant to erode the partial service to God, it’s a warning meant for us, to reconsider, review, realign and reaffirm our relationship with God in this period, because the time for Israel’s restoration is at hand and if adequate care is not taken , may you not be cut off the fullness of salvation in the putridinous realm of glory.

It’s a warning for us to lay hold of our salvation with fear and trembling so as to remain buckled tight with God.
If you have backsliden, repent from your sin, turn back to God, if you have not received the true life of Christ, salvation of your in Christ alone, run and don’t be late, Dead Gentile Church awake from your slumber and rise up.

Be quick, the flight to the sky is near!!! We gentiles nations are in the injury time, the door of grace is about to be closed for the door of Israel’s redemption is about to open for a mighty earth shaking and sweeping revival. Almost all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, predictably

The ongoing Hamas- Israel war which began in October 7th, 2023 could lead to complete Bible prophecy of the end of age and salvation of the Isrealis.

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Revive Us Again series 91.
John Abiola.

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