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Why insecurity persists in Nigeria- Pastor Oladele, President CAC Worldwide

by Church Times

By Grace Isaac

Leadership of the CAC at the conference
The President of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Oladele, has observed that the insecurity in Nigeria persists because the government has refused to prosecute those that are complicit.
He made the observation at the conference of pastors of CAC at the Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State
About 12000 pastors are gathered for the conference which will end on September 23
The Conference theme is “Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”  it has in attendance all the leadership of the church.
 Oladele stressed that the government has failed its citizen in tackling insecurity.
 He said even when they have the capacity to prosecute those sponsoring terrorists they have refused to do so.
 “The names of the sponsors of terrorists have been given to them but they keep ignoring the step to be taken in eliminating  them.”
He explained that the security crisis has lingered because the sponsors have not been brought to book.
“The government knows what to do if indeed they want to tackle insecurity. Those who sponsor Terrorists should be prosecuted” he said.
Cross section of pastors at the conference

Arm yourselves with God’s word

The cleric said apart from teaching spiritual growth,  insecurity will be part of the discussion at the conference. 
 He challenged Christians to arm themselves with God’s word and prayer. “They are the only weapons Christians have to overcome and scale through the hurdles of life,” he said.
 He also urged the Federal government to look into restructuring the country as this is the only means to reduce poverty and put things in order.
 “Nigerian is such a country filled with the multi-ethnic, multi-religious count. You have to be careful of what you do. Things are different from the past So many things have happened after the 1993 Election.”

The country has not been this bad

 He said Nigeria has never had it so bad urging “everyone to use their God-given abilities to protect themselves. The government has failed in that direction and it is up to everyone to protect themselves.”
 He also enjoined Nigerians to be righteous and fervent in the spirit in order to save the country from its present security and economic crises.
 Pastor Oladele admonished pastors on growth. He urged them to spend time with the word of God and prayer.
He explained the need to change our ways and grow in the knowledge of God’s word. “When we became born again we became engrafted into the body of Christ. Growth cannot be achieved in isolation but in the community of believers where the holy spirit begins the process of making us more like God and conforming us to His image.
 ” A baby is believed to grow when it exhibits visible changes from when it was born even when such a change comes with some measure of discomfort or pain. Likewise, believers are expected to grow.”
 Chairman of the planning committee for the 2022 Pastors conference Pastor Gideon Oladokun while briefing the press said the  Conference was organized for the growth of the pastors in CAC worldwide.
He said the President has prepared lectures that will address critical areas of the life of pastors in the church.
The expectation of the church at the end of the conference is for radical change among the 12,000 pastors in attendance.

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