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The impending jihad and the urgent need for repentance  By John Abiola

by Church Times

“A lion has gone up from his thicket, a destroyer of nations has set out; he has gone out from his place to make your land a waste; your cities will be ruins without inhabitants.

 For this put on sackcloth, lament and wail, for the fierce anger of the Lord has not turned back from us.”(Jer  4:7-8 ESV).


I bring revival greetings to you from the prayer room. As at when I was writing this edition, tears kept streaming down my cheeks because of the level of immorality in the churches by so many pastors and Christians in general.

I could not stop weeping. I stopped writing, got down on my knees pleading for mercy from God, and confessed the sins of sexual immorality, and satanic rituals among other sins.

 The church is polluted and society is corrupted. The church is dying. Hell is expanding daily with millions of souls heading there. We need repentance and revival.

As I kept writing, God spoke to me. He said, to me “tell the pastors of every church denomination to confess their sins and lead their members to repentance across the Nation. Tell them to declare war against the spirits of iniquities in the church and society.”

 The only solution to Nigeria’s peril is spiritual, not carnal. It’s a war against sin, it’s a war against principalities and powers, it’s a war against rituals. The war is not against flesh and blood. It’s a war against pollution in the church and society.

 God will move once we deal with sin

The Lord said, “once you overcome the power of sin in the land, I will move to come down to your aid to deliver you. Your sins have separated us and have hindered me from honouring your fasting and hearing your voices and prayers .”

God said further that great destruction is fast approaching the bloody Nation of Nigeria. The coming calamity shall be beyond the expressions of sorrow because of unrepentance, wickedness, and abominable things being done in secret.

 The Lord said there is still grace between now and December 2022, and that by  January 2023 there will be a great siege upon the nation, and there will be mass destruction of lives and property in all parts of Nigeria by Islamic terrorists: His instrument of judgement.

He said the only way out is genuine and public repentance, mighty works of Intercession for revival and deliverance of unbelievers, especially Islamic terrorists.

 Stop people from going to hell

The Lord urged us to stop people from going to hell by reaching out to them with the gospel. He said, “I asked you to save, I commanded you to “pray for your enemies”. He that wins souls is wise but the fools and ignorant destroy their souls and others. I died for the redemption of humanity.”

Then He asked me, how can I hear your prayers when you have not repented and confessed your sins? Let everybody repent and confess their sins genuinely and publicly.

 He asked me again, “tell me one reason why I should send revival in the land, deliver my people and fight their battle when they have not repented and confessed their sins genuinely.

 “They have not repented and confessed their hidden and abominable sins. I am a righteous judge, I am a just God. My eyes are too holy to behold iniquities. Turn from your sin and turn back to me.

 “Let those that steal confess their sins and stop stealing. Let those that commit adultery confess their sins and stop adultery. Let immoral preachers and Christians, in general, confess their sins publicly.

 “I want to clean my church, I want to deliver my people, I want to bless my people, I want to clean the land. I want to use my people but you have held my hands for long, turn from your sins, turn back to me. I am waiting for you my people in Nigeria and in other nations of the world. Turn from your sins and turn back to me.”

 The Ondo killings

To confirm His message to His church, while still writing, I received a video showing the gruesome murder of over 50 Christians in a church during church service in Ondo State that happened on Sunday, 6th June. Surprised at this, I went back to my knees crying, weeping, and praying to God to show mercy.

I asked Him, since the killing of millions of Christians by Islamic Jihadists in 2009, how many made heaven. Many are just professing Christians.m If it is true that 3 million Christians have been killed by Islamic terrorists every year since 2015, 6,000 Christians were killed between January to April this year, 2022. Then, what is the fate of Christians that are left?

Shouldn’t we believe at this point the recent messages from God; of warnings, repentance, Intercession, and coming jihad war and judgments which God has been sending to the church by his genuine servants calling us to genuine repentance.

Immediately after I finished writing this message,   the Spirit and power of prayer came mightily on me and the burden grew greatly in my heart. This led me into many days and nights of earnest soul- cry Intercession, wrestling and fasting with deep repentance, and confession of our National sin.

 Our sins from time immemorial

I repented of the transgressions, sins, Idolatry, rituals, human sacrifices, and all evils of the land by Nigerian citizens at home and in the diaspora and our formal British colonial masters. I repented of the sins of the founding regional fathers, kings, rulers, churches, clerics, and leaders both past and present since the 5th century BC till date.

And then fervently prayed for an earth-shaking and sweeping revival in our nation Nigeria. I see today marks the beginning of a monumental change in the church and in society.

 Evil church leaders, pastors, and witchcraft and occultism activities are now on the rise as never before in the body of Christ.

False and immoral teachers on the increase

 Reports revealed that over 80% of false preachers are on the altars out of the population of Christians (80-100 million) in Nigeria.  There are all kinds of reports in the media about the atrocities in the church.

There was a report on Aug 13 2021  in the Premium Times where a US-based Nigerian pastor alleged that some pastors entertain guest ministers by giving them women after they’re done preaching. There are several other reports of immorality in the church.

The sexcapades of pastors and Christians are no longer news. We here at BHF Foundation decide to write again on this very sad issue not just because it is annoying to God but because it brings us humans to the level of animals.

The situation is getting worse by the day and the news is on both social media and conventional media. The level of sexual immorality is becoming alarming and it is becoming sad that some churches are becoming clubs or brothels where sex is going on almost daily between those on the altars and the congregation.

One will not be surprise if the DNA report shows that some of the children among the church couples belong to the pastors. These sex-cursed pastors seem not to have regard for married women. How else can you describe a married woman who told me her pastor anointed her private part? Or a lady that called me on radio and said she actually paid for the hotel where the prophet came to sleep with her.

Once these agents of the devil who call themselves prophets are able to tell them their phone numbers and other things, their legs are quickly opened.  A 21-year-old girl once told me she was having sex with a pastor. She said since then the pastor comes to rape her in the dream and when she wakes up there will be blood everywhere.

 Sex everywhere in the church

Akanni Moshood wrote, ‘ from the north, south, east, and west the story is the same, agents of the devil on the altar with Bible sleeping with both young girls and married women. Those that want to mock God will end up in mockery except they repent.

 Illicit sex is gradually becoming an epidemic that even married women with children sleep with various pastors and magicians who call themselves prophets. In the book of Acts chapter 16, the Bible talks about a damsel that was following Apostle Paul everywhere and declaring that Paul and his team are truly men of God.

“But Apostle Paul was not comfortable with this lady even though her prophesy was the truth. On the third day Paul, through the Holy Spirit was able to identify what spirit was operating through the lady and cast the spirit out.  A pregnant lady in Ughelli Delta state was bleeding frequently. This was unusual so a friend took her to see one of these new generation prophets from the pit of hell.

“He told her that he had to sleep with her every Wednesday for three weeks to stop the bleeding which she agreed to. The stories are endless. But we must all rise up and put a stop to this ongoing madness coming from satanic altars. In almost all churches, sexual immorality is in full operation.a

“Pastors and church workers are busy having free sex with the ladies in the house of God.  A young girl once came to see me and told me she sleeps with her pastor. I was worried so I asked her why. Her response even got me more worried. She said ‘when my father in the Lord wants sex I cannot deny him.’ In anger, I told this 19-year-old girl that her pastor is an associate of the devil and not God.

 ‘Another lady from one of the big banks on the Island came with a bottle of the anointing oil and told my good friend, a pastor to anoint her private part because she went to a program where a prophet told her to look for a pastor she trusts to anoint her private part. Ahhhhhh!!! The list is endless..”

 The time of Jesus

Something really terrible happened during the time of our Lord Jesus on earth. The news of the calamity came to Him through a group of people who seemed to have actually crashed into Him in the middle of a meeting. I can imagine their anger and zeal for revenge as they related to the Lord the gruesome murder of innocent worshipers in their place of worship!

There were present at that season some that told him of the Galileans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. Luke 13:1. Similar to some heartless individuals attacking Church worshipers on a Sunday morning!  It was indeed a  horrible incident.

But what really hit me hard is the Lord’s RESPONSE  to the news. He began by telling them of a second terrible, terrible incident. He related the recent calamity of the fall of the tower of Siloam which killed eighteen people ( Luke 13:4).

The whole thing sounds to me as if we are talking of a Church bombing. Then someone is adding to it the news of a plane crash in which scores of people perished. Pilate killed worshipers in the place of worship, with human blood mixing with that of the animals of sacrifice; The God they were worshiping didn’t protect them!

The tower of Siloam, for some reason, decided to fall on 18 citizens; it crushed them and buried them under its rubbles and God didn’t prevent it!

As I thought about this, I became very interested in what the Lord’s response to these cases would be. Indeed He responded; the same response to the two incidents. And His response set me thinking. Hear what He replied: Repent! or you will see more of such horrors!  Yes. That was what He said ( Luke 13:1-5)

 “Except ye repent, you shall meet similar fate…ye shall all likewise perish”( vs 3 and 5). That is hard, raw, and unnerving. But it is TRUTH Himself that said so!.

 Two things quickly flashed on my mind when I thought over the Lord’s response.

 One, it is obvious God could have prevented both incidents, but He didn’t. Why? Because it was not a case of persecution for Righteousness’ sake, it was a case of judgment for unrepentance!

 That was why He said:: Except ye REPENT!…

Two, why didn’t mercy intervene? Because mercy was tired of intervening! But is that possible) Yes! See 2 Samuel 7:15. When does mercy stop operating in the life of a people and judgment becomes inevitable? It is when seasons come and go and Transgressors continue in their sins.

 That is what the Church in our Land has done! We took mercy for granted. Because God didn’t judge us quickly, we believed it must have been that we were no Transgressor! How wrong.

 Now our blood is being mixed with our offering in the house of our God by murderers. Our people die just like any uncircumcised Philistine.

 Our priests have not called us to a solemn assembly. They seem to think that they can handle God’s judgment upon His people by cursing the enemies and making prophetic decrees.  What if the enemy is actually God?. What if it is God trying to get our attention, to move us from destruction?

“Except ye REPENT, ye shall ALL likewise perish”.  Please I beg of you, confess, repent of your sin genuinely and publicly and pray for revival in the church and the nation. 

Also, do good by sending it to all Christians in your contacts or any other platform online.

You can transcribe it to the audio version in any language at all. Please do and our nation could be saved from God’s judgment and the looming jihad war.

More also, you would have saved a soul, who knows who’s next to die to be kidnapped, or murdered?

 Do you remember Deborah Samuel’s gruesome murder on Thursday, the  12th of May last month and the horrific deaths of many Christians in Afghanistan? And how the Taliban took over the government, and the horror in the ongoing Ukraine and Russia war?

 Millions have lost their lives. Many in refugee camps in neighboring countries still remain fresh in my memory, yet the war has not ended. No single church building is standing in many cities in Ukraine as of now. The pastor of the largest church in Ukraine and the whole of Europe narrowly escaped death.

 Where are the unrepentant compromised Christians, false prophets, pagans,  Satanists, and other agents of the devil that are dead? Hellfire.

 He warned Nigerian Christians to learn from what happened to him.  He said, ” I believe that this war is the judgment of God upon Ukraine, the attacker and the attacked, the victim and the aggressor are being judged. There is no way one can deny the fact that this is God’s judgment. God may use this to glorify His name”.

David’s genuine repentance

 David genuinely and publicly confessed and repented of his sin to save God’s people and the nation from mass destruction. In 2 Chronicles 21:1-17. David’s sin brought disaster to his people and nation.

 With leadership comes responsibility, when David realized his sin, he took full responsibility, admitted he was wrong, confessed his sins publicly, and asked God to forgive him. Sin has domino effects. Once a sin is committed, a series of consequences follow. The consequences of David’s sin, however, brought severe damage, 70,000 innocent people died for David’s sin.

When David realized and acknowledged his sin, he pleaded for mercy. And God responded by stopping the angel before his mission of death was completed. Otherwise, the whole Israelites would have been killed by the angel of death. David was a king, Prophet, and leader but he humbled Himself before God repented and confessed his sin genuinely and publicly to save his life and other lives.  In general, the only solution to stop the wanton killings and other evils that are ravaging Nigeria and the jihad looming war and also make Heaven is to genuinely and publicly repent and confess all our sins to God.

Weeping over sin (Ezra 10:1) by David Platt.

“While Ezra prayed and made confession, weeping and casting himself down before the house of God, a very great assembly of men, women, and children gathered to him out of Israel, for the people wept bitterly.” “For the people wept bitterly.”   

I read this and I’m just provoked to lead us to pray for these realities in our own lives like Ezra 9, verses 4, 5, and 6 showed us.  And then for this reality of confession and contrition and humility and brokenness over sin to spread in our families and in our churches.

 Look at the history of God’s people from the Bible. You will realise that spiritual awakening in the church has come when God’s spirit has brought about this kind of conviction. Not just among a few people here or there, but across God’s people. So can we just pray for that together?

 *Ezra 10:1 Leads Us to Soften our hearts.*

God, we pray Ezra 10:1, not just over our lives, but over the Church. We pray for a spirit of confession and brokenness over sin, for weeping over sin, to mark our churches.  God, help us not to be casual with sin, but to hate it and weep over it together. God, we pray for this kind of movement of your Spirit in our churches today, as we read about here in Ezra 10:1.

Only you can bring that about. God, soften our hearts. Open our eyes. We read about this in scripture church history how people weep and repent of their sins. God, we pray that it would be so among us today, as your church, in our churches. God, we pray for Ezra 10:1 to be a reality among us. In Jesus name. Amen.


John Abiola


Revive Us Again is a global prayer movement for revival


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Adeshina July 11, 2022 - 4:36 pm

This message is really timely and power packaged with a reverence toward God: My experience goes thus: when I read it now, the convictions in my heart is in it entirety different from when i listened to the audio version that time I did even have any personal convictions at time but when I read it now trepidation began to catch me my heart became heavy with reverence to God.

Yes God is indeed a very merciful God but his mercy also can be truncated and boycotted by our unending inquities and ungodliness.

When sin becomes prevalent in ones life we are actually misusing the grace of Jesus. Yes I have sinned and I am guilty of my sin, Jesus died on the cross to terminate sin imagine the pain in the heart of Jesus seeing the people he died for he carried the sins of the world on his back as if that was not enough, the father abandoned him because he was stinking with sins. Now we are to pay him back with conscious practicing of sin that he hates so much, there is a difference between the sins we do consciously and the one we do unconsciously. The GRACE of God was given to us for both unknown sins not known sins that means when we fall into sins without actually knowing it and repenting immediately to God.

But we perform conscious sin and never repent of it out remorse, our conscience has died, we no longer hear that inner voice in us again that keeps telling us “don’t don’t, don’t” it can not stay for too long because we have stained our garment intentionally and repeatedly, a grament that is supposed to be white, is now greyish and blackish with uncleanness while the conscience through the holyspirt pricking is silent.

I am still feeling that Fear in my heart as am typing this, Why will God send revival to us when deep down inside us we don’t want a revival. When we know if it comes we will continue in our ABOMINATIONS that we actually want to continue in. We have sinned greatly we have taken the grace of God for granted, we think that God is so merciful, he won’t punish us, the Same God that is merciful is balanced, he is also a judge.

Go search the scriptures If Israel sinned he punish them squarely and put them in a quagmire until they realize their sin and repent, God loves Israel but he never hesitate to punish them squarely. GOD destroys the whole world and left Noah alive that is enough for us to shift our incorrect mindset and sit down very well and check ourself, the sins they committed then was not up to the sins in this our generation if not for God’s promise to Noah, don’t you think he can do it again, he would ground the world to powder, it will only cost God to form another man and make sure the newly created man did not commit sin again.

But we have unscrupulously underestimated God terror which takes a long time to be initiated and pacified.

God please have mercy on us we have sinned greatly and our sins are unconfessed which is making God to be very angry at us we have become to pompous, we have become audacious in sin and have strong effrontery to disobey his statues we have no fear of God again.

We have sinned HAVE MERCY GOD LORD LET YOUR MERCY AND GRACE THAT WE HAVE ONCE MISUSED PREVAIL OVER JUDGEMENT. Please have mercy, imagine inside the church that we are calling the name of God, we are the ones still committing sins and taking God’s judgement out of the picture in our sermons.

All what we need is REPENTANCE and deep contrition to God and Confession of our abominable deeds done in the secret.
Lord have mercy.

Bukky July 11, 2022 - 8:55 pm

This is powerful.
The atrocities going on in the church,
Boys are desperate to make money,
Humans life are not valuable any more,
Sex is now a day to day occurrence,
Virgins are now considered as fools and old school,
Yahoo’s boys are the ones ruling after the president.

Those who don’t do Yahoo’s are considered as fools who wants to dwell in poverty, atrocities are the balanced way of life now in the church.

Youths who supposedly work for God in the church are now having affairs among themselves and the only punishment for them are suspension, but when all the workers are suspended who is going to work in church.

We really need revival, girls are just following men, young boys who got their money through evil means, buy hairs, buy clothes and practice prostitution’s.

Love is not a thing that should be common in a relationship, sex is what makes a relationship to grow.

Youth don’t want to listen to christian messages, they just want to go to church that sees vision, get their pastors to pray and fast for them and give them the mantle and seek God by themselves.

God revive us again.

Paul July 13, 2022 - 9:33 pm

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth!!!
Im literally weeping and speaking in tongues as read this.
This message from God is what we need right now, and God strenghten you for this good work and sacrifice you’ve taken to write this.
I love you and im happy to be your son, most importantly, i thank God Almighthy, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit for not only saving your soul miraculously, calling you into the ministry, healing you from appendix; the story you told us about, Seperating you from your colleagues after bible school, giving you mummy as the best wife and supporter of your ministry, (she’s seconded only by God who is your best friend and main supporter) and i thank the TRINITY for keeping you rooted in him till this moment despite great challenges and tribulations….AHHHH IT HAS ONLY BEEN GOD.
Daddy, dont be surprised at why im saying all this… Only God and I understand how blessed i am to have parents like you guys. Its like you feel the way i feel about things around the world, and you are easily aceesible. After God, you are my role model. I look up to you becuz i see God in you. I know its the spirit of God in you that has made and sustained you, of cuz we can do nothing on our own….nothing at all.
Seriously, these few days we have been fasting in church, I’ve been having difficulty in praying even personal prayers which is the main reason for the prayers and fast. i said I’ll ask you if its okay for me to be praying for revival and deliverance from sin for people when under severe prayers for other things in church, but truth is that’s when i find peace, i wish to pray the prayers they lead us to pray for deliverance and destiny breakthrough, death of enemies and evil powers against my life but i can’t even say those prayers. I cant control it, not after reading my bible and reading your messages about how people are so into praying for death of enemies, instead i pray for the salvation of their souls and destruction of their devices like God turned Ahithopel’s counsel into foolishness.
I’m saying all these because at some point, i felt I’m weird and crazy, but the Holy Spirit has never ceased inspiring and encouraging me, of cause he’s the one that initiates those prayers in my heart instead of praying death for my enemies or that God should deliver me from suffering and hardship and shame, etc.
Truth is, i know it’s good to pray those destiny prayers, but not when God reminds me of the great plans he has for me and my family, the gifts and packages he has given me even before i ask, he’s assurance of how things will get better soon.

I just believe God’s love for my life totally, his promises and companionship that i cannot but pray for souls and make him more happy by waiting expectantly for the REVIVAL, i mean God said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things ( good food, clothing, cars, phones, true prosperity, blessings from God) shall be added to me and my family”…. More also, most times the church is concerned with not suffering, getting stinking rich, riding big cars, flying abroad and living large that we neglect and totally forget about what suffering for Christ sake is all about. I mean, the disciples where happy to be counted worthy of suffering, pain, hunger, hardship, humiliation, etc, which Jesus assured us of in this world… but for a while daddy, but for a while. 1 Peter 5:10 AMP “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all truth will take you to where you are supposed to be.”
We wont remain like this forever, inspite peer pressure and humiliation now, God has a better plan which will be seen soon.
Just said i should share my thoughts.

Elizabeth July 14, 2022 - 8:07 pm

God bless you servant of God.
After reading this revival article I was greatly inspired.

God is love and we His children must love each other, even our enemies and those that persecute us.

When we love each other we release life, abundant life upon the earth, we also enthrone God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit on earth, at home, at church, and everywhere.

Since God is love, He will dwell with us and fight our battles, and deliver us from all our troubles. If we love God we will love each other, and if we love each other we will love unbelievers as well and pray for thier salvation and this is true revival.


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