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Creflo Dollar makes U turn on tithing, says ‘I was wrong’

by Church Times

American preacher, Ceflo Dollar has declared that he was wrong on his teaching on tithing; a subject that has become controversial in the church in the last five years.

Dollar who has been in  ministry for about 36 years said in a  recent viral video that he had always wanted to make this known three years ago but was looking for the appropriate time .

According to him, the teachings on tithing by many pastors which he admitted was always  what he preached cannot be established as a grace teaching

Dollar who is known for his grace teachings said when Abraham paid tithe, he paid it out of his heart and was not a legislation. 

He noted however that what was not a legislation 400 years before the law was now grafted into the law.

According to him anything that does not come out of free will is not the gospel of grace.

‘Religion uses guilt and fear to hold people down. That is what the teaching of tithing does’ he said.

The American preacher said he has since experienced a turn around in his finances when he stopped talking about tithe.

‘if you notice throughout 2020 I did not peach about tithing . But I experienced a turn around in my finances. God wants us to give by faith’ he said.

The American preacher said if  the church believes in the teachings of Paul then the church should study what he taught about finances. 

Dollar who is largely  known for his prosperity gospel for decades told his congregation to get rid of books, tapes, videos where he  had preached about tithing. 

While insisting that tithing is no longer relevant for New Testament believers, he said,  ‘ I know some of you will not like me for saying the truth. I know I am going to lose friends. But I am okay. ‘

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Feyisitan Ijimakinwa July 4, 2022 - 5:24 am

Is he specifically saying that he doesn’t believe in tithing?

Church Times July 4, 2022 - 9:17 pm

That is the import

Abosede. July 4, 2022 - 3:58 pm

That is the truth sir, tithing is not a believers obligation, it is a law and we are not under the law again the finished work of Christ has made us free of the law. Our obligation as new testament church is sacrificial giving which may even exceed our tithe . Giving for the propagation of the gospel can not be overemphasized . Believer must continue to give but not compell in the name of tithing .

Okokon July 5, 2022 - 7:54 am

It is so sad, and quite unfortunate tithing never started in the law, Jesus spoke about tithing “this ye ought to do without neglecting the more important matters.” To claim that a Christian must not pay Tithe or Tithing is restricted to the law is a heresy. Rather, say that tithing is the baseline and the new testament Christian must pay more than his tithe! God will help us o!

Konju Festus July 8, 2022 - 9:29 am

Jesus made mentioned of tithing and in the book of Hebrews also talked about tithe ,that Jesus receives it from believers,Hebrew 7vs8 and the 9th verse further stressed that even the levite paid tithe in Abraham,my resolve here is , tithing is still in practice in the new testament, paying it is a choice,if you don’t pay it ,it only shows you are yet to be fully yielded to God.

Talimo July 8, 2022 - 6:57 pm

This is not what Creflo Dollar according to the preaching at the service. It is a pity that a so-called ‘Christian’ magazine like @Churchtimes is also joining other unbelievers to to propagate its own agenda.
Creflo specifically stated that his teachings regarding the payment of tithes as far as it could be said to generate fear is wrong and that his congregation should disregard it where it appeared so. Hence he asked that his congregations should disregard all of the books, tapes, videos where he had preached any such messages based on fear of not paying tithes – not disregard his messages ‘about tithing’.
This is because according to him, he has come to know that God wants Christians to give freely out of their will not through fear or through being coerced to give.
If he had continued following Oyedepo’s Winners Church as he used to, he wouldn’t have fallen into such errors in the first instance. That is probably the only church in the world where congregations are constantly being reminded that God does not need their money and neither does the church. That has been the philosophy of that church since the days of only 13 members. Hence members freely give and are supernaturally blessed in return.
Funnily enough, it is the same people that tell you that tithing is old testament and not relevant today that also will claim ‘the blessings of Abraham’ and all the blessings under the law thinking that they can mock God!

Church Times July 9, 2022 - 12:43 pm

Thanks for your submission. You should have pointed out the difference in the report and what you think he was saying

Dovie September 12, 2022 - 2:25 pm

This is a lie from the pit of hell. A twisting of the truth! Not all of God’s commands were nailed to the cross. Only the commands that have to do with rituals like blood sacrifice, washings, stoning, etc. Because Jesus paid the price for sin. And yes, we now live by grace and therefore through faith we should give above and beyond that which the law requires! Tithing is a direct command from God. It is not considered a gift we are to give. It is His share and belongs to Him. If we do not give God His 10% of the earnings, we are considered a thief in His eyes. We are not to rob God. Everything we have comes from God and is God’s. God freely gives and God takes away. It’s time for the church to show reverence towards God once again. Seek the Truth, God’s Word not man’s, and it will become clear to you. God Bless


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