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Ikoyi Building Collapse: Widow of Bob-Oseni, U.S-Based friend of Osibona who died with him writes on husband’s link with Osibona

by Church Times

Adeola Oseni, widow of  Wale Bob-Oseni who died in the 21-storey Ikoyi building in a piece published in New Dawn gives an insight into her husband’s relationship with the Late Femi Osibona…find below the piece




…We thank God for your Life

Ikoyi building collapse

Wale Bob-Oseni

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, our hope that our husband, brother, son, nephew, friend, and the core of many networks of hardworking young and upwardly mobile  Nigerians,  Wale Bob Oseni would be one of the survivors of the ill-fated crash of the 21-story block on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, was dashed.

Since we identified his body, we have been struggling with the nightmarish reality of our irreparable loss, the chasm of his absence, and the multi-dimensional proportions of this transition from being to nothingness.
Our faith teaches that in everything, we should give glory to God. He knows the beginning. He knows the end. He knows why our benefactor had to make his exit in this circumstance.

We thank sympathisers who have visited, called, or written to condole with us in this moment of our grief. We appreciate your support and pray that God protects you from dangers like this.
We understand that it is not possible for an event of this magnitude to occur without the press, as the Fourth Estate of the  Realm and the watchdog of public institutions and values, playing its professional roles to inform, educate and entertain.

Perhaps as a result of the mass involvement in what is supposed to be a technical process of sifting truth from hearsays and facts from fiction, a lot of inexactitudes and outright falsehood have sneaked into the narrations in the public domain.

It is not true that Wale Bob Oseni was a director or contractor in the Fourscore Properties construction transaction. The owner, Femi Osibona and Wale were both alumni of Mayflower School, Ikenne. That was where both bonded.

It was this camaraderie that made Osibona invite him to see the dream project he was building.
It is not true that Wale Bob Oseni was engaged in the real estate business in Nigeria. His base was the United States where he worked his way up to handle substantial mortgages.

As a patriotic Nigerian who desired to contribute to the development of his fatherland, Wale travelled often to Nigeria where he maintained home at the Eleganza Gardens, Ajah. He also utilised his visits to explore business opportunities and make valuable contacts with very important personalities who could assist the execution of his projects. In this regard, Wale believed that he could domesticate American innovations and add value to living in Nigeria.

Wale, son of Pa Oseni, a long-time employee of the United States Embassy, grew up on Lagos Island. On his retirement, Pa Oseni, now of blessed memory,  moved to the U.S. with the entire family. This is how he continued his school in the U.S. and internalised the enterprising values he was known for.

As we prepare the final rites of his transition to eternal rest, we plead for restraint in publishing information that could further worsen our anguish or deepen our pain. Wale left an aged mother deeply hurting from the loss of her son. Allow us to give him the befitting burial he truly deserves. Thank you


Adeola Oseni- Widow
Abass Oseni- Brother

Culled from New Dawn

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