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Ifeoma Jesus: The Key to Success is Salvation

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By Florence Alor

Gospel Artist and preacher Ifeoma Ojinkeya also known as Ifeoma Jesus has emphasized that a man without Christ is like an empty container noting that the only way to a fulfilled life is to have Jesus.

She said in a chat with our reporter that “a man that has Jesus, has life, Wealth, Peace, Joy, Prosperity, and heaven at last is the portion of that man. The key to success is Jesus. Jesus is the light and the way.”

She said the problem of man is not that man does not know the truth. The problem of man is that man knows the truth but don’t want to practice the truth. The word of God in John 88v32 says “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. Jesus is all about light and whosoever that has him, has everything. A man that is living with sin is a man with failure, disappointment, set back, Sin leads to sickness, Sin leads to sorrow and lack. A man that is living in sin, is operating in darkness.”

While noting that there is no prophecy that is sweeter and bigger than the words of Jesus as being the way, the truth and the light she said, “any man that wants to succeed in life must first embrace Jesus because he gives ultimate satisfaction.

Ifeoma Jesus in his first album, Heavenly Praise vol 1, currently being sold sang about the hand of God that makes the desert to be fruitful Isaiah. Other highpoints of the album include: Whoever has Jesus rejoice

The second album titled Heavenly Praise Vol 2 according to her was a product of her experience with God. “Jesus has been my comforter from the very first day I received him as my Lord and Saviour. He has never failed nor disappointed me. He is always a Father when I need a Father and a Mother when am in need of a mother. He has always proved his power every time in my life as God. He has always disappointed the enemies. That is why I call him my Lord, Father and comforter.”

Another song in the second album according to her stresses how Jesus solves the problem of those who allow him to reign in their lives. She said, “I don’t care to know the trouble, situation, affliction or whatever, you are passing through right now, I want to assure you that I have a God who will solve that problem. His name is Jesus Christ, he has never failed, nor disappointed me in anyway”

Her third album titled Heavenly Praise vol 3 highlights how Jesus intervenes in the life of those who serve him. She recalls, “I was once a nobody and a day came Jesus visited me and healed my sickness, wiped away my sorrow, raised me from the dust and blessed me. I then looked around and don’t know what to call him other than the God of settlement. I believe as people sing the songs and believe in the saving grace of Jesus, God will intervene in their lives

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