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I was devastated by Ibiyeomie”s derogatory remarks- Daddy Freeze

by Church Times

Leader of the Free the Sheep Movement and celebrated broadcaster, Ifedayo Olarinde also known as  Daddy Freeze has replied Pastor David Ibiyeomie saying he was devastated by the cleric’s outburst on him.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie who is the overseer of Porthacourt based Salvation Ministry  had on Sunday described Freeze in lurid and uncomplimentary terms saying he would deal with him if he continued to insult Bishop David Oyedepo whom he described as his father.

But Freeze in his reply appealed appealedt to the police and his followers to take track of Ibiyeomie’s vituperations.

He said in a video on his timeline that if anything should happen to him, the pastor would be held responsible.

He said he at no point abuse or insult Bishop David Oyedepo stating that what he did was to quote scriptures to counter Oyedepo’s message.

‘i don’t know when it has become an offence to disagree. We disagree with ourselves based on our understanding of scriptures and I have challenged pastors to a live debate on some of these points of disagreements.’ he stated.

He said it’s unfortunate that Ibiyeomie went to the point of denigrading the Somalia people saying however that he is not from from Somalia. ‘ my father is Yoruba my mother is Europian. But I am proud of my Somalia people.:

By calling him a bastard, Freeze said Ibiyeomie was rubbishing his mother whom he said is a professor of law

He wondered why the police has not responded to the utterances of the cleric stating that he went beyond his boundaries.

Freeze deployed the derogatory terms used on him. He said, ‘Are you not aware that the word half caste is racist. It brings tears to my eyes that a black man will refer to a black man as half caste.

‘It is a derogatory statement to make. I put it to you to prove who my father is. Do you believe that what you did is not scriptural. You’re threatening my life. I want the world to know who is responsible if anything happens to my life.’

He promised to continue debunking perceived lies on the pulpit.

Concluding his response he said, ”it is the same book of Ephesians that Bishop quoted that I quoted from. I am calling for a debate on these scriptures. Rather than use scriptures to counter what I said you’re making derogatory statements about Somalia.’

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Gbemiga OLAKUNLE September 8, 2020 - 12:17 pm

Ifedayo Olarinde it is well with you. May the Lord grant us wisdom to always do his will

Gbemiga OLAKUNLE September 8, 2020 - 2:31 pm

Sequence to my earlier comments on the above subject matter, I meant no harm on the personality of Ifedayo Olarinde except that the young man needs to be counselled on the need to be less combative on issues that he dabbles in. What I was trying to say in my earlier comments was that the man is more of an European than a Yoruba in the way he engages people that are much more older than him on controversial matters. Possibly he was brought up and schooled abroad.

ODUNUGA, O. O. September 8, 2020 - 10:30 pm

I have not been privileged to know who Gbenga Olakunle is but, to me, his rejoinder has no bearing to the aspersions he had earlier cast on Prof. Mrs. Olarinde, literally painting her as a whore.

The name Gbenga Olakunle is a Yoruba name. Hence He must be aware of the Yoruba terminology, “Abi iko” and “Ako igba”, respectfully meaning, “someone without home training” and “someone who rejected home training”. Anyone including ministers of God can fall into any of the two categories.

Assume for the sake of argument, that Daddy Freeze falls into either of the two, which I doubt, that still does not make him a bastard. In essence, Gbenga Olakunle seem to be defending in part the unbecoming utterances of Rev. Ibiyeome. If not that I listened to the video life delivery of the vitriolic viteperations and had heard it as an audio, I would have assumed that some uncouth characters somewhere were at each other’s throat as usual.

I have no iota of allegiance to Daddy Freeze, but it seems to me that his offence was censoring the messages of Bishop Oyedepo, which to me still smirks of traces of spiritual pride, but far remote from insulting the revered Bishop.

I will have reservations for anyone venturing to defend a “pastor” who literally labelled Freeze’s mother as a prostitute and publicly threatening life. Alas, it is recorded in I Tim. 5: 24 [ Living Bible], “Remember that some men even PASTORS lead sinful lives and everyone knows it”. I’m not interested in the multitudes following such ministers, but will regard the followers as unfortunate. Take away tithes, offerings and first fruits, many of these conspicuous churches and ministries will vanish into thin air!

With this trend, I will suggest to the Management of Church Times to be discrete henceforth on what are posted on their platform. It will not be healthy for ChurchTimes to allow their respectable platform to shrivel to a haven for the good, the bad and the ugly! The name, Church Times implies that Christ and his disposition should be upheld on this Forum please-ODUNUGA, O. O.

Bode September 9, 2020 - 8:21 am

Thank you Odunuga O. O. The content of your write up and the tone reflects Christian well being. Our churches should begin to focus on Christ, rather than Pastors. The Kingdom Message , rather than the messenger. God bless you.

Church Times September 11, 2020 - 2:31 pm

Thank you so much so much sir. Bro. Olakunle has since modified his comment. We hope that such will not occur again. We are all learning


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