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How MFM and hospital’s negligence led to my mum’s death- Ex-Punch staff

by Church Times

A former staff of Punch Nigeria Limited, Folashade Isreal-Lagbokun has recounted how her mother died due to what she described as the negligence of the management of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries  and some medical personnel.

 She gave the account in a post on her Facebook Page on Thursday, December 28, 2023.

 Her mother according to the post had gone to Church (MFM) on December 27 2022 for vigil as usual. After the vigil, she waited for morning prayer and a programme known as Manna Water

She later went to the MFM public toilet to ease herself. Right in the toilet she fell. Unfortunately, nobody came to her rescue for close to five hours.

Dumped in the hospital

The post reads further, “Manna water program finished 10 am, and she was on the floor till probably after 2 pm until her phone was switched on around past 3 pm and my brother-in-law called in and one of the MFM staff picked the call and said the owner of this phone fell inside the toilet and we should come to meet them at Shagamu General hospital where she was being taken to.”

 She was already in Coma at that time.

 The post continues, “I demanded she should be brought to Ikeja/Ifako Ijaye General Hospital. Shortly they called back that we should start coming to Babcock Hospital. I also disagreed and finally, they dumped my mom at Beachland Hospital in Arepo where I instructed my in-laws to ask the doctor to refer her to Ikeja.

 “But before my in-law could say a word the doctor said she needed urgent attention and that the hospital didn’t have equipment so we needed to get an ambulance that had oxygen to convey her to Ikeja. It was taking long to get the ambulance. We called the church vehicle that brought her to Beachland Hospital, Arepo.

 Shock from MFM workers

“I was shocked by the response we got from them. They said, “We are done with the assignment given to us, we cannot do more” despite these people being given monetary compensation for bringing her to Arepo Hospital. That was the end of that chapter from them. No call, and neither did they check back to confirm whether the patient they dumped at the hospital made it. Too bad!”

Israel-Lagbokun said it took several hours to get an ambulance to the Ikeja Medical Emergency. When they got to the hospital, they faced another hurdle. “We tried all we could for her to be admitted but we were told there was no bed space. Honestly, there was no space. She was kept in the ambulance and a series of doctors and tests were conducted on her.

 “A doctor called and told me she might not survive; that she was breathing because of the oxygen she was placed on. He was patient enough to explain all the medical jargon to me. I was shattered and crumbled. I was asking so many questions simultaneously. I begged the doctor to try all he could to bring her back to life. I could see her struggling to live too.”

FMC and another disappointment

 When all efforts to get help at the Ikeja Medical Emergency failed, her mother was taken to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Ebute Metta. “On arrival, doctors on duty did their checks on her and told us to go take our bill. Alas, N1.6m was given and we had to pay all at once. I pleaded we do N1m first. After several calls, the offer was refused.

“The doctor that did the checks on her wasn’t where the negotiation was done. But he saw the way I was devastated. He moved to me and said, you don’t need to waste as much because this woman cannot make it and you will not be refunded.

Death came at last

 “She is living on the oxygen provided by ambulance once it’s removed she can’t last 2 hours.” Another doctor in the hospital said.”I decided the ambulance should drop her at her house on Thursday morning since we’d toiled all through Wednesday night. The children were praying for a miracle while she laid unresponsive in her bed. She finally gave up the ghost on 31st of December 2022 at about 2 p.m. three days after the doctors said she wouldn’t last for 2-hours without oxygen.”

 Israel-Lagbokun further lamented that her mother’s death left a big hole in her heart that only God could fill.

 She said the experience affected her faith particularly the way the church her mother served for over 30 years treated her.

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 “The pain has not healed; honestly it hasn’t, not because you (mother) died but because of the negligence of the church. Anyway, I take solace in the Lord your maker whom you faithfully served till you breathed your last. Until we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ, Sun re ooooo, Maami (sleep on my mother).  Unforgettable, that’s what you are. You were my Jewel, my Angel. I will forever miss you!” She wrote.

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