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How pastor died in defiance to my warning- Dr. Richard Okoye

by Church Times

Resident Doctor, Save a Life Foundation, Dr. Richard Okoye has said many of the deaths experienced among Nigerians and indeed Christians in recent times are avoidable deaths.

He recalled how a pastor ignored his call for a medical check-up only to end up dying a few months ago.

He made the submission in a Facebook video post  monitored by Church Times while commenting on the death of Pastor Dare Adeboye and other deaths in the church

While referring to Pastor Adeboye’s position that the death of his son will work out for the good of the church, he said, his death is a liberty announcement for the children of God from the satanic narrative of the devil.

Okoye who insisted that it is time to change the narrative where attention to “our health” is not given a priority, said, what many churches call testimonies have to do with material wealth. “Many ignore the issues concerning their health. They are concerned about making money to buy land, cars and all manners of material things”

He then recalled how a pastor ignored his call for a medical check-up last year only for him to die a few months ago.

Okoye said the pastor had invited him to give a talk on health in his church. “The pastor actually asked me to come and talk to his church members on health issues. I honoured the invitation. I was in the church and talked about heart failure and all manner of health issues. As I was talking, I noticed that he was not paying attention to the talk.

“As soon as I finished my talk, he came up to announce to the congregation that they needed to get their anointing oil and also talked about an ongoing project in the church. I had no problem with that. But as he was talking, I saw from the way he was talking that he was not medically okay.

“I then told him to come to see me in the hospital that there is a comprehensive health check that could be carried on him. Apart from asking him to come for a medical check-up, I promised to support the church with N1million for the project the church was embarking on at the time I came to give the talk.”

Okoye said the church was quick to follow up on the N1 million he promised to give to it, but that the pastor failed to come for the medical check-up that perhaps would have saved his life.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Okoye, the pastor died a few months ago.

He then lamented that many Christians are dying out of ignorance and lack of knowledge noting that many people find it difficult to pay attention to their health.

While noting that heart attack is a silent killer, he said it does not have to lead to death if the necessary medical attention is being given to it.


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