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Desiring death for your enemies is not of God- Godsman Akinlabi

by Church Times

Godsman Akinlabi: Desiring death for your enemies is not of God

The Senior Pastor of Elevation Church, Godsman Akinlabi has urged believers to resist the temptation of carrying out revenge on a perceived offender noting that, “the only way to lasting peace and joy is to live a life that is not given to offense”


Akinlabi made the plea while delivering a message on offense which was relayed on Dove Television recently.


He said the strong desire to want our enemies to suffer and possibly die is not of God. “Believers should focus on how to make their lives better and should not be given to offenses. We should always think well about our fellow man not evil.


“Instead of concentrating our thoughts on the enemy we should think of some other positive values that would make us live a better life.” He said.


The Elevation Pastor who was formerly of Daystar Christian Centre before he began his ministry a few years ago said further that human vengeance does not guarantee success.


“Let go offense. Forgiveness is not weakness, keeping malice is not strength. The fact that you forgive quickly does not make you weak. The will of God is for us to forgive. We should not allow the sun to go down on our anger. That means our anger should not be more than 24 hours.”

Godsman Akinlabi; Don’t be the cause of offense

He however warned that “We should be careful in the way we live our lives so that we are not the cause of offense. It is one thing for somebody to be offended. It is another thing for one to be the cause of the offense. There is a greater consequence on the offender. There are people who throw themselves around and cause people sorrow and make them weep. Such people have their day or reckoning.” He said.


He noted that many believers still think it does not matter if they bring gifts to God even if their hearts are not right with God. “I can tell you that the Lord is more concerned about your heart than your gift. We should be wary of this African Traditional Religion worldview which presupposes that we can give gifts to the gods to cover our misdeeds. In the church it is not so.


“The God of the universe is more concerned about the life we live. He is more interested in our hearts than our gifts. Your non-repentance is an affront on God. It is wrong for bosses to talk down on their subordinates. It is not of God. But then people who are offended should not take it to heart. Sometimes offence is necessary to lead you to your destiny.” He said.



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