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God is preparing a young man to take Nigeria to destiny-Apostle Alfred Williams …says, blame the church for Buhari’s failure  

by Church Times


By Gbenga Osinaike

Nigerian UK based Senior Pastor of Christ Faith Tabernacle, Apostle Alfred Williams has said God is preparing a young man that would take Nigeria to her place in destiny noting also that the failure of President Mohammadu Buhari’s government should be blamed on the church.


He made this observation in an exclusive interview with our correspondent during one of his recent visits to Nigeria.


Williams who has been passionate about Nigeria and who has given series of prophecies concerning her said God ordained Buhari for the purpose of putting Nigeria back to shape but regretted that the church rather than pray for him have over the years been attacking him. “The divine destiny of this government was frustrated because the church prayed against this government,” he said.


He said further, “What I know which I am sure of us is that the Lord himself ordained Buhari to restructure Nigeria and to execute judgment on fraudulent people. But it is sad that the church has not been supporting him in carrying out that task. What Christians fail to realise is that we need to intercede for our leaders and pray for their success. We can’t afford to be fighting our leaders because they don’t belong to our faith or because they do some things we believe are wrong. We should not be doing that. The government is failing or has failed because we are not praying.”


While noting that Buhari has not completely failed he said “Government has done well in certain areas. It is very wrong to say a government has not done anything. There is no government that would not do anything. I believe the government has tried. What they have done may not be enough but the truth is that they have made some impact.”


He observed that one of the undoing of this government is that they have not published the things they do well enough. “They are not making much noise about some of their achievements and people have this wrong notion that they have not done anything. That is an unfair conclusion.” He said.


The UK resident preacher who is a surveyor cum lawyer by profession said God told him Nigeria would however not get reprieve under either Buhari or Atiku. “Neither Atiku nor Buhari can bring the change we are desiring. But the Lord said to me that a young man will rule Nigeria in no distant time. I saw the man. And I have known him now. He is in the race. He is the one that will take Nigeria to its place in destiny. The man is not an ethnic bigot. He is a man whom God revealed that will bring Nigeria out of the woods.


Williams whose church was birthed in 1989 and who has a long history in the Church of God dating back to his younger days pleaded with the church to start praying for the leadership of the country. “God commanded us to pray for our leaders. Praying for leaders should be the culture of many believers. God told me that if the church does not start praying for Buhari to do what God ordained him to do in the executing judgment on fraudulent people Nigeria will go into slavery for three years.


On the young man he claimed had been ordained to rule this country he said, “The one that God had ordained to rule Nigeria would rule at the appointed time even if he does not rule now. I am certain about that. He will rule in the not too distant time.”


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