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The God factor and seasonal destiny helpers by Gbemiga Olakunle

by Church Times

Destiny can be defined as GOD’S divine purpose for a man. And to fulfill such a purpose, GOD should be involved as the Permanent Destiny Helper.

The people we passed through or come across in life can be described as Seasonal Helpers of Destiny such as Parents, Uncles,  Aunties, Teachers, and Friends among others.

Without Destiny Helpers, the realisation of Destiny can be delayed or even truncated. Some people who lost a parent or both parents in their childhood or very early in life may end up as school dropouts and become social misfits or miscreants except if there is divine intervention.

No one is self-made or self-sufficient in life and so we all need GOD and others that we may come across in our journey of life to make it and fulfill our respective Destinies and Divine Purposes.

Operating out of GOD’S original design or purpose for our lives can be very frustrating and full of struggles or fruitless efforts. And if by any form of satanic manipulation or whatever reason, anyone is missing out on GOD’S divine purpose for their lives, I pray that the Mercy of GOD will speak out for such a person so that things can turn around for the better again in the lives of such individuals in JESUS Name.

Communities or Nations also need Destiny Helpers in form of Purposeful or Good Spiritual and Political Leaders that will bring an end to our societal ills such as security challenges and acute hunger and abject poverty in this country. Nigeria is blessed with a glorious future ahead but we need the Nehemiahs, the Daniels, and the Joshuas of our times to lead us out of our present political quagmires and economic woes. And may GOD send them to us in JESUS’ Name.

– Gbemiga OLAKUNLE, JP


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