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Oba Olaoye Ghandi

Gbile Akanni warns Oba Ghandi Olaoye against more wives @ monarch’s first public appearance

by Church Times

Founder of Peace House, Bro Gbile Akanni has warned the newly installed Soun of Ogbomosho, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye against marrying more wives.

He also urged the monarch to restrain from acquiring material wealth for himself.

Akanni gave the warning while preaching at the first public appearance of Oba Olaoye on Thursday, September 14.

The event which was monitored online by Church Times attracted a massive crowd. Oba Olaoye was seated on the throne while Bro Akanni stood in his front preaching while also facing the mammoth crowd.

Referring to Deut 17v16-17 Akanni warned Oba Ghandi against acquiring wives and the acquisition of silver and gold.

Solomon’s footsteps

He noted that God gave the warning long ago to the children of Israel ever before Solomon became king of the Jewish land. Akanni who spoke in Yoruba language while giving his message said Solomon had issues with God and his reign because he married many strange women who turned his heart away from God.

He turned to Oba Olaoye and warned him against following in Solomon’s footsteps.

He said, “God has brought you here to be a blessing to the people. Here is the word of God to you. This is not the word of man. God is saying the king must not acquire wives. That is what God is saying.”

While noting that Oba Olaoye was already blessed before he became king, he said, “It was not hunger that drove you to the throne. You were successful in your former engagement but because you are from a royal home God has made it possible to get to the throne. You have come to work on the throne.”

Gbile Akanni ministering at the event

No to silver and gold

Akanni said many people get to the throne and become something else stressing, “The king must not acquire silver and gold. If the blessings come, let it be for the people of the town. We pray that the people of Ogbomoso will experience something new in your time. Those who are hungry will be fed during your time. God who blesses us abundantly will rain his blessing on us.”

He urged the king to make the people his priority adding that God will always strengthen him.

He handed over a huge Bible to Oba Ghandi noting, “I know you have different kinds of Bible but this Bible I am giving you must be placed on the table in the palace. As long as you think of what to do about this town, God will give you wisdom on what to do.”

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Akanni took time to pray for the king while noting that it was a new beginning for Ogbomoso.

Oba Olaoye was Pastor of RCCG Jesus House, Washington DC. His appointment as the new Soun of Ogbomoso had generated so much concern among Christians who feared that his Christian profession may be jeopardised by his acceptance to be king.

Traditional rite

Some had reasoned that the seven-day seclusion that kings are subjected before they begin their reign is the period they fraternise with traditional religion.

But the Mogaji of the Olaoye Family of Ogbomoso, Chief Amos Olaoye debunked such insinuation in an interview with BBC. He said the seven-day seclusion is only a time the king is put through the basics of what is expected of him when he sits on the throne. He said also that it is not Ifa that indicates who becomes king.

According to him, “the choice of the king is done by the kingmakers. They always come from the the ruling house. In the case of Ghandi Olaoye, he said, “It was the Olaoye family that chose Ghandi Olaoye not Ifa. We presented him as the choice of the family. He is the most qualified in the family.”


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