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We can’t afford to disappoint God- Femi Adesina, spokesman for President Buhari

by Church Times

Adesina; We can’t afford to disappoint God


President Buhari and Femi Adesina



By Gbenga Osinaike

That evening, July 10, Rev Wilson Badejo former General Overseer of the Foursquare Gospel Church Nigeria was unequivocal in his delivery. He was the guest speaker at a dinner in Lagos in honour of Mr. Femi Adesina, Senior Special Adviser on Media to President Mohammadu Buhari. In clear terms, he told Adesina that his new office is an opportunity for him to live out the life of Christ for which he is known.

He observed that Adesina’s appointment as the SSA Media to president Buhari was an attestation to his diligence, commitment and forthrightness over the years. He then added a prayer line that “Heaven will make strategic provisions to give you the fullness of what you desire to back you up in the office.”

Badejo explained principles which he believes Adesina must adhere to if he was to make a success of his service in government. Quoting Thomas Jefferson, a one-time president of the US, the former Foursquare General Overseer stated that principles are a matter of eternity. He admonished, “In matters of principles stand as a rock”

He said further at the banquet, which attracted many church leaders and journalists that the “The foundation of major path of life is to ensure that you have character. It is the principal thing. Anyone who belongs to position of authority that does not have character will make a mess of his career. God took time to make men. It took 80 years to prepare Moses for the task of leading the children of Israel. Joseph had 11 years as a steward. Joshua was also under the tutelage of Moses for years. Ministry without character is only religious activity.”

He recalled an instance where he wanted to collect a loan from the bank to buy a property and how the bank manager said to him that his character was the collateral that would be used to secure the loan.

While noting that there “there is no beautiful way to steal” he prayed that the character of Adesina would shine in Aso Rock adding that the nature of Adesina’s assignment calls for high degree of dedication. “The motive of your ministry must be love. The love you have for the people will see you through. Not for aggrandizement but for service. Angels will guide you. Your footsteps will not slip. You will speak with the wisdom of God. You will make great sacrifice. Let it start with you. I pray you will have men of like minds.”

Though it was supposed to be a dinner, the sponsor, Apostle Taiwo Adenuga did not miss out on using the opportunity to reach out to souls. He told the gathering that the life of Adesina had so much impacted a number of people stating that the need for people to surrender to Jesus had become more imperative.

Adenuga who has global evangelistic ministry said there is need to take the gospel across the world because souls are perishing. He said of Adesina that he had no doubt he would make a success of his assignment.

The event however turned out to be a time of testimony and sharing as the compere, Pastor Michael Awe, a journalist of many years gave a historical hint of how he encountered Femi Adesina and his wife. He told the gathering that Adesina’s wife whom he gave the acronym, NTA, meaning Nike Taiwo Adesina had been an old acquaintance recalling how his meeting with him in a public bus in Lagos rejuvenated their age-long relationship.

Nike, wife of Adesina who exuded a striking humility at the dinner encouraged the gathering to share the love of Christ whenever they have the opportunity. Giving her own testimony as a professional nurse she stated, “By the grace of God I try to use my profession to reach out to souls and lead them to Christ. We see all kinds of cases in the hospital and I soon realize that when people are at the point of death or are terribly sick, it is easier for them to listen to the gospel message and surrender their hearts to Jesus.”

That night it was as if the host of heaven was there to impress on the gathering the need to reach out to lost souls. It was not unusual as the sponsor of the dinner; Apostle Adenuga is a consummate evangelist. General Overseer of Called Out Ministry, Pastor Bola Meduna who was invited to share briefly at the event also hinged his message on salvation of souls urging Adesina to continue to shine the light of the gospel.

He told Adesina, “Remember the picture of your future is in the scripture. Let your no be no and your yes be yes.  Uphold the gospel of holiness. Whatever step you are going to take always ask from the Lord. Circumstances are subject to change but God does not change. Even if they have to kill you let them kill you. Sudden death. Sudden glory.”

He then called for prayers for Adesina stating that “Aso Rock, if not for the grace of God is a city where the devil loves to influence.” He then declared, by the special grace of God you are going there as a light.”

Turning to the gathering he said, “If you miss heaven you will cry. God is giving you the last opportunity. Make sure you are standing for God. Don’t cheat. Don’t do anything that will bring mockery to the name of God. There is always the last meal, the last photograph that you will take. Life is short but eternity is forever. If you die in sin you will die again.”

Shortly after these interventions, Adesina, mounted the podium with an aura of serenity. He recalled the circumstances that led to his appointment stating that he never lobbied for the position. “If somebody told me I would be presidential spokesman, I would ask, how will it happen?. When I gave support to President Buhari I believe there is something in him that will benefit this nation.”


Femi Adesina

He gave a challenge to the church on the need to raise people who will go into the political fray and make a difference. “It is not enough to pray. We must be involved. We need to produce people that will stand for probity and integrity.”

Adesina, former Managing Director of Sun Newspapers and President Guild of Editors stated further that he had to sacrifice his position as the MD of a thriving paper to be part of the Buhari’s government because he believes “God can use me to make a difference.”

He said, “The day I left my job, I woke up the following morning and began to cry. It was an indication of the enormity of the work that lay ahead. I know I could make the difference by God’s grace. The sacrifice I made was to leave my job and take up the appointment. Change will not come to Nigeria without sacrifice.”

He observed that with Prof. Yemi Osibajo in government as the Vice President and himself it would be tragic to fail. We can’t afford to disappoint God.  “What I am taking away from this gathering is character. The church cannot afford to fail. The change we need must start from us. I may be wrong; this could be the last opportunity for Nigeria to change if we don’t get it right. I pray that we will get it right.”

The event was graced by the Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Sola Ore, representative of the General Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church, Pastor Pastor Yomi Oyinloye, A one-time commissioner in Delta State and Secretary of the National Convention Committee of the All Progressive Congress, Mr. Alex Ideh, Former Editor, Punch Newspapers, Pastor Bola Bolawole  and President of Journalists for Christ cum Online Editor, Nation Newspapers, Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin. Also present were the Executive Director Sun Newspapers, Mr. Bolaji Tunji, Chairman Editorial Board, Nation Newspapers, Mr. Sam Omatseye, and a host of pastors from Faith Revival Apostolic Church.



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