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Mbaka on Peter Obi

Father Mbaka: I never talked about Peter Obi, says, “I am going to the monastery for prayers, not on transfer”

by Church Times
Founder of Adoration Ministry, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka has denied he ever mentioned the name Peter Obi in his message on Sunday, October 2.
 He also debunked the insinuation that he was being transferred to the monastery adding however that he was only going to the place to pray.
 He made the statements in a broadcast on the Facebook Page of the ministry on Wednesday, October 5.
It will be recalled that many bloggers and some social media users quoted Mbaka as saying Peter will not win the coming election.
Church Times findings reveal there was nowhere Mbaka mentioned Obi in his October 2 message. The news being spread around was a social media creation.
 Making clarification on the false news, Mbaka said,  “shortly after I handed over to Rev Anthony Amadi whom I helped to select I started hearing that Mbaka spoke against Obi. I never mentioned Peter not to talk of Obi.
“Please whoever is being used by the devil to blackmail me is satanic and should apologise and withdraw such satanic utterances and be careful when you want to harm the image of the man of God. Whoever said that should apologise” he said.

Don’t protest, I am going to pray at the monastery

 He also pleaded with members of the ministry not to stage any protest on his behalf. “I have not asked anybody to protest for me. Help me to stop any kind of protest because it may jeorpadise my priestly call.”
 In the speech which was like a farewell to members of the ministry, Mbaka said he has not been transferred to the monastery but that he was just going there for prayers.
 His words, “I wish to use this opportunity to bless you and encourage you as I depart to the monastery in obedience to my bishop. I am going to the monastery under priestly obedience.
“My lord Bishop CVC Onaga, please pray for me. I will also pray for you. I believe my journey to the monastery will bring something good and glorious for me and the church of God. For those that love God, everything works together for good. God will use my journey to the monastery as an instrument for soul saving and miracles.
 “Rev Anthony Amadi whom I helped to select will stand in for me. He is a good man. Please work with him, pray with him. Love him. I have not been transferred to the monastery I am going there to pray. Pray for the mother church. I will still come back. Pray for me. prayer does not respect distance.”

 Be still, don’t do anything awful

He pleaded with members to be still. “Do not do anything awful. Let us not fall into any trap of the devil. Encourage peace. Encourage prayers. I wish you the best. Be happy with Jesus.
“Continue to live in charity, word of God, and life of righteousness. Do not depart from the word of God. Never you hate the church. I am going with my Bible. I am going with Jesus, the father, and the angels. I am coming back. Peace be with you as I cover you with the blood of Jesus.”

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