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My experience of God in the prophetic ministry-Kehinde Oluwafunso

by Church Times

Pastor Kehinde Oluwafunso founder of Discovery Word Ministry gave a 35-point prophecy at the beginning of the year. Some of the prophecies include an imminent jailbreak and the transition of Queen Elizabeth 11 which have come to pass. Here he shares his experience of how he hears from God with Church Times.


What does it take to hear from God?

 Anybody who has a relationship with God can hear from him. That is the starting point. There must be a relationship between the person who desires to hear from God and God. He is our heavenly father. If God is our father we should be able to hear from him. There is no genuine father that does not talk to his children. But then to hear from God the relationship has to be an active one and must be guided by the Holy Spirit.

 The book of Isaiah 45v1 says, “The Lord said to his anointed Cyrus..” Here it shows there is an existing relationship between God and Cyrus. So it is not strange if Cyrus hears from God.

 There is a particular line of direction when it comes to being conversant with the voice of God. There must be a school of training, there must be a school of discipline, a school of waiting, and the wilderness experience. These are all processes in our relationship with God.

 Moses was in the wilderness before God called him. The voice of God is so familiar to us because we are his servants. His voice is not rash. It comes with peace and with satisfaction.


What has been your own personal experience?

 When we want to hear from God, we must create an atmosphere. In my own case, I spend time with God in worship and praise. I then make my request specifically asking him to speak to me about the things around me. But like I said, the bottom line is an existing relationship.

 Apart from God speaking to us in a plain voice, he also talks through other means like dream, vision, revelation, and of course His revealed word, I mean the Bible. There is a way he breathes on His word and opens our understanding when we read.


What distinguishes God’s voice from other voices?

 The voice of God is never rash. He speaks with some orderliness and gentleness. God will not speak in the midst of other confusing voices. God does not speak in the midst of apprehension and fear. And when he speaks the devil dare not show up. He also confirms what he says through His written word. There are times when I have gone back to God to confirm what he said to me.


Can somebody who lives in sin hear from God?

 We must live a holy life. A sinner can’t hear from God. Perhaps the only voice somebody who lives in sin can hear is the voice that calls the person to repentance. somebody that tells lies habitually, who lives a double life will not be able to hear from God.

 The holy spirit must be in us to enable us to hear him. We must be saved.  If somebody lives a double life and claims to hear from God that person perhaps is hearing from other sources, not God.


Why do prophets only see visions for important personalities and usually about negative things?

 The reason why prophets prophesy about big personalities is that such people are in the places of authority. The Bible says there is nobody in place of authority without the consent of God. They are in authority and power. And power belongs to God. The first thing God gave man was dominion. If people who have dominion are in danger God reveals the danger to His prophets.

 God has shown people in authority to me. But I don’t make a show of it. I pray for people always. If you see my prayer list, you will be shocked. The people in authority are made in the image of God so they deserve to be guided. We must also appreciate that whatever happens to them will affect many so its not strange that they are the focus of many revelations.

 God has given us the capacity to pray for those in authority. Nigeria is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah but God is still sparing Nigeria because of the prayer of the righteous. God does not want his people to perish.

 God showed me what will happen in 2022 and how many children will go out of hand. He showed me there will be jailbreak which has come to pass. He told me about the transition of the Queen. It has come to pass. He told me about a plane crash, I have been praying about this and I believe it will not happen in Jesus’ name. I pray for Nigeria always.

 Beyond people in authority, God also leads me to ordinary people in society. There are many times I meet people in public places and share the mind of God with them. I also tell what God is telling me about them. Many of these people confirm my message after I might have shared it.


Can God change his mind about a word of prophecy?

 Most of my prophecies have been coming to pass. I got a 35-point revelation. But then we can’t put God in a box. He is a loving father. He is rigid and at the same time not rigid. We cant describe God. His ways are far from our way. When he makes laws, it is to guide us.  God told Jonah to go and cry against Nineveh because their wickedness has come to me.

 He said within 40 days Nineveh will be destroyed. Jonah went to the city eventually and cried telling them their sins. And the people repented and God changed his mind. I come before God on the sure mercy of God that does not change so he intervenes in our situations.

 Whenever he gives a message I still go back to him asking him to show mercy. Prophets of God are not just given to predictions but they also pray for mercy. 2 Samuel 12v13. When David acknowledged his sin against God, Nathan said to David, that the Lord has put away his sin and that he would not die. That is God showing mercy.

 We are all adopted children of God. As prophets, we are pathfinders for men to continue to see the love of God. When men see us they should be able to abandon their idols and follow God. He is a merciful God. When we pray he answers and shows mercy.


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