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Isaac Oyedepo’s resignation: The untold story, why Winners Chapel is silent

by Church Times

There have been reports making the rounds that Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, second son of Bishop David Oyedepo has resigned from Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel.

The reports quoted an online interview the young Oyedepo granted Pastor Steve Ogah on Bridge () an online TV. Ogah is an in-law to the Oyedepos

Many online platforms quoted virtually the same report everywhere saying Isaac Oyedepo has resigned without giving detailed information about the resignation.

Efforts to get information on the resignation have been difficult but from the interview on Bridge which spanned about one hour, there are no indications  Isaac Oyedepo talked about his resignation on the platform.

A top source within the church however confirmed that Isaac Oyedepo did resign but that the church would not want to comment on it. The source who pleaded anonymity said Isaac has been at loggerheads with the church over the miserable salary being paid to its staff.

The source said Isaac had always been at loggerheads with the church since he came into full-time ministry. It was because of his hardline posture against the bad treatment meted out to staff,  that he was first posted to South Africa many years ago. When he got to South Africa, the source said he increased the salary of staff he met on the ground because he felt the commission had so much money and also had the capacity to pay more than it pays its staff.

This drew the ire of his father,  Bishop Oyedepo.  Isaac was later recalled back to Nigeria and posted to a parish of the church in Abuja. When he got to Abuja the sources said Isaac still maintained his pro-staff posture. He was said to have unilaterally increased the salary of the staff of those working with him and had advocated that people working in the church should be paid some living wage.

That action according to the source led to some disagreement between Isaac and his father.  Bishop Oyedepo was said to have instructed that he be relieved of his position as pastor. But Bishop Abioye who was in charge of the Goshen Land in Abuja took Isaac in and handled him as his own son.  For a long time, Isaac and his father were said to be at loggerheads.

The source said “Isaac was not happy that many staff of the commission were not being treated well.  The church gets billions of naira in income but finds it difficult to pay reasonable salaries to its staff. They know he is gifted and anointed but they are not happy that he is against the church’s welfare policy which is not a friendly one

“The church felt the way to handle him was to transfer him to a far place. That was why he was transferred to Maryland, US. But when he got there, he made a great impact. The church grew astronomically.  His father according to the sources never visited him while he was in Maryland, US.  But he was doing well in the US when suddenly he was recalled back to Canaanland only for him to meet the same ill-treatment being meted to staff. I am sure that is what led to his resignation.”

While informing that he resigned on Tuesday, October 24, the source said, “It will be difficult to get a copy of the resignation letter except he (Isaac) is the one that will release it. but it is true that he resigned. He may think of other areas of ministry.”

The interview

Both David and Isaac Oyedepo were however interviewed on the Bridge platform about three weeks ago. The interview was reposted a week ago. In the interview, they shared their experiences in ministry and how they discovered purpose in life.

They also talked about how they met their wives. Nowhere in the interview did Isaac say he had resigned or he would resign from Winners Chapel..

Ogah had asked both Isaac and David in the Bridge interview how they came about their purpose in life.

In response, David said he never wanted to be a pastor but then, he said he had a compelling urge to find the purpose for living. He said he knew that a life without purpose is a wasted life no matter how comfortable or enjoyable it may be.

David said it was the pursuit of purpose that made him check into a motel in the US on October 17 2005 to spend time with God. “ I checked in praying and searching the Bible. I continued praying. On the 18th of October in the morning I heard the audible voice of God. That was the first time I would hear God speak to me like a physical person in my ear. He gave me exactly what my assignment was. He gave me certain fundamental scriptures. That became the foundation for my life.”

While noting that every man’s purpose comes with certain divine abilities he said, “ I lacked the ability to be an effective minister. I was extremely quiet. My tonality seems low. I was always good by myself. There were things I was not suited for.  But as soon I found purpose, there was a passion and fire to pursue it. As I began to run, God opened some more things to me.”

Isaac Oyedepo on purpose

Responding to the question, Isaac Oyedepo said, “I was not looking for purpose when I found purpose. I just finished classes for the day at Oral Robert University went to the hostel and slept when God showed me a vision. I saw myself back in Nigeria around the Iyana Ipaja area. I saw myself on Okada. I saw a very young chap. I won’t give the details of that. i have never shared that before. That is when I got a clue of what God’s plan was for my life. I wrote it down.

“In 2006 when I began to cry for purpose, God said he had already told me what my purpose was in life three years earlier.  I had no interpretation of it at the time.  But the Lord moved me to write it down.  I still had the paper I scribbled this vision three years earlier. This is where the purpose of God for my life for my generation came in. I still find myself referring to the original vision.

“When I came back about a year ago, I still have the document  I typed out as far back as 2007.  Mine was looking back to what he showed me. I found myself in that vision sobbing. I saw the state of my generation in that little boy. I woke up with so much concern that I was moved to write it down and kept it in my wallet.

“God began to explain scripture upon scripture showing me exactly the plan for the first phase. For me, that was my experience. I did not have to lock myself down.  It came to me without looking for it. But when it came to proving the vision I spent not less than six months waiting on the Lord. I found myself waiting on God asking him to unveil for me his plan for my life.”

While noting that it is not good to compare oneself to another he said, “he that compares himself to another is not wise. If you are fulfilled in what you are doing, you will know.  Life could be so frustrating getting commendations from man but having no fulfillment. It goes back to being able to hear God’s voice. He will show you if you are passionate about your purpose he will show you.”



David and his wife

In the interview, the duo also talked about how they got their wives. David said it is important to find God’s person for your journey in life. “if that is not the case there will be a lot of tension. it is a vital key. The question is how can you tell who it is? it goes back to the place of hearing from God. You can’t negotiate that aspect. There are many that will look like it but are not. You have to come to the point where you can hear.  That is vital. That does not mean there is nothing to be done afterward. I met my wife earlier than I found purpose. But as soon as I found purpose, I had to carry her along.

How Isaac got his wife

In the case of Isaac, he said specifically that the lady he married was not the first person he dated. He said, “My wife is not the first person I dated. She knows that. We are very public about it. It is also important to note that a person is not right for you does not make the person evil. They are just not right for you because of discovery of purpose”

He said however that he eventually met his wife by God’s leading. “It was a Sunday service in Faith Tabernacle 2008.  I was coming to the secretariat when I saw her. I did not know who she was.  But I knew instantly she was my wife when I saw her. It did not take me time to tell her I would like to marry her.

“I did not hear a thus saith the Lord. When I met her I just had a conviction she was the one. It goes back to discovering your purpose. We have been married for 13 years and it’s been awesome. I met her as another church member.  One of the first things we discussed was purpose. I was already working in some degree of purpose by that time.”

The young Oyedepo said further that many marriages crash because of wrong fit saying in his instance,  “I had to take a risk. Some people are not willing to take that risk. I had to rely 100 percent on God—one of the things we have enjoyed as a couple is the openness. The fact you know you are with the right person in transiting this phase is important. Let’s be real with God. Let’s be open.” he said.

On resignation

Isaac had resigned from the church according to reliable sources. He has been off Facebook since 2021. In his last Facebook post, he wrote, “This is to officially announce that I am off all social media platforms for good! Even though I am off all social media platforms for good, you can still connect with me online. These are some ways to connect with me;

  1. The Revival Flames Podcast
  2. The LEAD Podcast
  3. The Revival Flames YouTube Channel
  4. Website: www.theisaacoyedepo.com

Please note that our podcasts are available on all platforms; iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and Google Podcasts.

The Isaac Oyedepo Foundation is still up and running and all the information you need, including application forms will be available on our website.

In the post, he warned his followers to beware of Scammers saying, “I will not be opening any other other social media shortly. I will not send DMs to you requesting any financial aid or asking for sponsorships of any orphanages or foundations. All accounts will be closed on or before the Sunday, 17th January 2021.”

Business concerns

He also talked about a business concern, The Den Clothings saying “The website is also live; www.thedenclothings.com. You can still follow @thedenclothings on all social media platforms for Merchandise that makes Jesus famous.

You cannot reach me on @thedenclothing’s social media platforms. I don’t personally run or operate The Den Clothings.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives using these platforms. God bless you and your entire household. Keep the fire burning! #ANewEra

Isaac Oyedepo Foundation

He had earlier talked about the great work The Isaac Oyedepo Foundation (TIOF) did in 2020 before his last post.  According to him, they include:

  1. The foundation was officially launched on November 1st, 2020.
  2. The Foundation was a part of building a Rural Church Structure in Taraba State, Nigeria.
  3. Helped to finance start-ups for two (2) widows.
  4. Helped send (3) Students to University in Nigeria.
  5. Helped Transport People in Rural Areas to Church.
  6. Committed to Life-Time Scholarship for a family, that’s from Primary to University.
  7. Helped pay Hospital Bills
  8. Helped support another Foundation financially
  9. Set up its first virtual office in Abuja being run by a volunteer. The office can be reached by sending an email to; foundation@theisaacoyedepo.com
  10. Helped bring smiles to 119 Households with food supplies during the festive season

At the time of putting this piece together, his resignation was not in the public space. There is no indication of the kind of ministry he wants to run. But all indices point to the fact that he has been running an independent ministry apart from being the youth pastor of the Church before the purported resignation.

By Gbenga Osinaike


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