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Despite the challenging times, it shall end in praise, Prayer Group assures

by Church Times
The Secretary of the National Prayer Movement, Mr Gbemiga Olakunle has assured that all shall end in praise despite the challenging times Nigeria is facing.
He gave the admonition in a statement made available to Church Times on Thursday, November 2
Olakunle who has been at the vanguard of praying for Nigeria and campaigning for right living said challenges are no respecter of persons or nations.
He said, “Challenges or storms of life are no respecter of any man, group of people, or even a Nation. Sometimes, they come unannounced and in different dimensions. Their duration can be short-term or long-term depending on the underlying factors.”
“The so-called affluent people in our Society who appear so charming and very beautiful may be having health, spiritual, and emotional issues that money may not solve.”
While noting that poverty has contributed in no small measure to the instability in many homes in Nigeria, he said in other parts of the world, war has been the issue, “we are witnessing Ukrainian-Russian and Israel-Hamas Conflicts.”  he said.
According to him, the Nigeria situation is peculiar because the country is contending with a number of issues. “The Nation is still contending with security and economic challenges. Amidst the free fall of the Naira with its consequences on the Standard of living of the masses which has dropped drastically,” he said.
He lamented that the Ruling Class has refused to shed or do away with their flamboyant lifestyle.”For them, it has been business as usual in spite of the prevalent incidences of abject poverty among the majority of Nigerians.”
Despite the myriad of problems facing the country, Olakunle pleaded with Nigerians to continue to “keep our hope in GOD- the Omnipotent and Omniscient alive. We don’t need to be downcast and lose our faith in this GOD Who has seen us through thick and thin issues in the past. “
He said “GOD in His Own way knows how best to handle the situations and groups of people that may be giving us sleepless nights in this country at the macro-level and at the micro-level within our respective families and communities.
Let us not doubt  GOD’S ability that He will see us through our challenges and make us come out better and stronger as individuals and as a Nation. If it will take GOD to uproot some Principalities and Powers from our local, National, and International environments for His Will to be done, so that we can live peaceable lives, He will not hesitate to do so.”
Olakunle called on Nigerians to ensure they are on GOD’S side “so that we will not be caught panting in the ensuing crossfire. And so through GOD’S grace, let us ensure that we are just and righteous in our respective spheres of influence. The Bible already makes us understand that it shall be well with the righteous and be ill with the wicked depending on which side of the divide we may put ourselves through our doings.”
He said, “GOD is assuring us that irrespective of what we may be passing through as individuals, families, communities or a Nation- Nigeria, it shall end in praise in Jesus’ name”

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