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Death of Crowther Varsity student: VC dispels rumours of negligence on part of authority

by Church Times

Vice Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Professor Kolawole Jaiyeoba has given insight into the situation that led to the death of one of the students of the University on February 5 on the university campus which led to the students unrest and destructions of the schools property.

At a well attended press conference which held at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church, Jaiyeoba explained that the death of Elvis Paul Abu was never due to negligence of the university of authority.

Contrary to reports, Jaiyeoba said, “on the morning of Sunday 5th February, 2012, a student of the University, Elvis Paul Abu was brought to the University Health Clinic

complaining of severe headache. Information from the family gave it that he had earlier spoken to his father on phone telling him about the headache. The doctor on duty who is also the doctor in charge of the health centre made frantic efforts to stabilize his condition.

At the clinic, the doctor according to the VC was able to stabilize him for a while after which his condition suddenly became worse. Before he could be referred to another hospital in town, he gave up the ghost.

The VC dispelled insinuations that the University’s generator was not on stating that “it is constantly used without permission from the Vice-Chancellor or any other officer. Besides, the Health Centre has its standby generator. Giving oxygen to the patient did not require power supply, so it is not true that there was power outage and the oxygen stopped.”

He said the whole scene degenerated when some unknown people who allegedly had some relationship with the deceased student regarded hijacked the situation and began breaking of some university properties.

While disclosing that there were some calm in the university he said students of the university carried out some rescue operations when they saw that hoodlums were trying to take advantage of the situation to unleash mayhem in the school.

He disclosed that the health facility on campus is well equipped, he said, “The university authority has since sent its condolence to the bereaved family.  It was an unfortunate incident in which the University did not show any negligence but which was blown out of proportion by the media whose representatives did not even get to the University to ask questions. In the meantime, an investigative panel has been set up to look into the immediate and remote causes of the incident and directives will soon be given as to when students are to resume on campus.”

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