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Dealing with the spirit of fear in contemporary world

by Church Times

By Ladi Oyedeji

In Abeokuta, Ogun state, southwest Nigeria, where I live, I see the spirit of fear in operation every day. I have seen this terrible spirit in the lives of people everywhere I have been all my life, even in the UK, America, Mexico, the Benin Republic, and all the countries I have visited.

I discovered that fear is more common among Black people. I was once a victim of fear myself until I read the Bible verse of Heb 2:14-15, where it is stated clearly that Jesus Christ has defeated fear in all its ramifications.

The defeat of fear was one of the earthly missions of Jesus. Fear manifests in multiple ways. Fear of defeat, poverty, snakes and other wild animals, darkness, demonic attacks, being financially challenged, divorce, betrayal, failure, old age, blackmail, etc. The greatest fear is the fear of death.

Beloved, Shakespeare said, death is a necessary end and will come when it will come. That’s a fact. Why do you have to fear something that’s inevitable?

Fear kills people faster than what they actually fear. The best way to defeat fear is to confront it. Don’t let anyone, or anything scare you. Whatever is your object of fear, someone has survived it before.

Women are particularly vulnerable to the spirit of fear more than men. That is because women are so insecure. There is no need for this. Faith in God gives you all the security you might need. Marriage, wealth, men, and husbands, can’t secure any woman.

I tell my children, David in Ps 23, said, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I fear no evil. Why? Because the spirit of God is there to give comfort and protection to those who believe in God.

I have gone through nerve-wrenching experiences a couple of times, including near-death situations, but God delivered me. He will deliver you, too, if you exercise faith in his power.

To overcome fear, worship God in spirit and in truth, and commit all your ways to him. He will help you slay the dragon of fear wherever it manifests in Jesus’ name, amen.

-Admonitions by Ladi Ayodeji.

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