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David Ogbueli

David Ogbueli: My encounter with half-dressed lady in South African hotel 

by Church Times

General Overseer and President of Dominion City Worldwide, Pastor David Ogbueli has recounted his experience with a strange lady who was asked to take care of him in South Africa when he first went there for ministry work.

Ogbueli shared his experience in a video sighted online by Church Times on Friday, April 5

In the video, Ogbueli who is also the President of the Dominion Leadership Institute, said he went to South Africa on the invitation of a friend to minister in one of the churches there.

He said, “I landed in Protea Hotel when I got to South Africa and all my bags were taken to the hotel room. I was with my friend. We chatted and ate together in the lobby. By the time we finished chatting, my friend drove off and I went up to my room in the hotel.

“The moment I opened my door, I saw this lady. She had already opened my box and was trying to iron some of the clothes in it including my undies. And she was half dressed.”

The Church sent the lady

Taken aback, Ogbueli said he asked the lady who she was. And the shocking response was, “I am the one that will look after you this weekend? I am just trying to iron your clothes. Is there any other thing that you will need?”

Ogbueli who at this time was wondering what was going on asked if the lady was a staff of the hotel.

The shocking reply was, “I am from the church”

Apparently, the church that he was to preach had arranged for the lady to “take care” of him for the weekend.

Confused, Ogbueli said he quickly ran after his friend who was with him earlier in the hotel to report the matter.

Fortunately, his friend had not left the hotel premises because of the various security points he had to pass through.

“When I was running to get to my friend, many of the hotel staff were wondering what was happening,” Ogbueli said.

Eventually, he got to his friend who confirmed that the church arranged the lady for him.

We don’t operate like that

Ogbueli said he did not waste expressing displeasure at the offer“I said to him, we don’t operate like that. If you want people to help me, give me a man, not a woman. Please, come and take her since you were the one who arranged for her to come” Ogbueli told his friend.

Since that experience, Ogbueli said he had taken extra precautions to ensure he always had men around him whenever he traveled for ministry work.

He stressed that there is a need for the church to recover the apostolic covenant noting that Jesus always had his disciples go with him wherever he went.

“The strength of sin is in the secrecy. We need to keep the door open when doing counseling” he warned.

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