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Like CREATOR Like CREATION by Prof. Duro Adegboye

by Church Times



  1. The first time I entered the Chapel of the Resurrection, University of Ibadan, I could not withstand the Awesomeness, the Majesty, the Glory of the LORD JESUS as reflected in the Sculpture of the Resurrected CHRIST.
  2. Another work of Art that arrested my attention, at first sight, is the Sculpture of the Drummer that served as the Logo of NIgerianTELephone (NITEL) mounted on top of TELECOM HOUSE Marina Lagos Nigeria.
  3. On Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York, stands the magnificent Building of the United Nations with all the beautiful Flags of member Nations blowing softly in the Wind. Behind the flags is the beautiful wall of the UNO.

As far as I am concerned, the most significant thing about the Wall of the UNO Highrise (skyscraper) is the Beautiful Ebony Sculpture that the Nigerian Government donated to the UNO at our Independence and on our admission into the UNO.

The Sculpture of the Resurrected CHRIST (UI), The Sculpture of NITEL’s LOGO, The Nigeria Sculpture at the UNO have ONE THING IN COMMON: They are ALL SKINNY in Structure: Big Head and Chest but THIN Body!

The 3 Sculptures are so similar in Structure that You will begin to suspect that perhaps the same Sculptor carved them. If you think and believe so, you are not far from the Truth.

I was told that the 3 Sculptures that I admire so much were conceived and created by the same Person: Professor BEN ENWOWU.

Anyone who knew the Prof when he was a young man would testify that the Prof was big at the top and small as you looked down to his feet. Never mind how he looked as an old Prof. (same with Yours Sincerely).


So, Can the Universe tell me something about THE CREATOR-GOD?

I discovered that…

  1. TIME, though 1 in Entity, is 3 in Reality: Past, Present, and Future.
  2. ATOM can simply be described as Proton, Neutron, and Electron
  3. DIHYDROGEN OXIDE is 1 Chemical Formula but with 3 Personalities: Ice, Water, Steam, that are co-eternal, co-equal, co-substantial.
  4. I, the Apex of GOD’S Creation, am 1 in 3 and 3 in 1: Body, Soul, and Spirit.
  5. Human Pursuits and Standards are 3some: Time, Distance and Mass,
  6. The SUN, which determines the Life and Activities in our Solar System, also displays the 3 in 1 Nature: the Burning Ball, the Radiation, and the Light.
  7. Most Substances manifest as 3 in 1: SOLID, LIQUID, GAS.
  8. The Human Family as initiated by GOD is 3 in 1: FATHER, MOTHER, CHILDREN.
  9.  THE HOLY BIBLE is about a 3-fold RELATIONSHIP: the relationship between GOD and HUMAN, between HUMAN and HUMAN,  between HUMAN and ENVIRONMENT.

Thus, our Existence manifests 3-in-1ness. We will not be off course, if we predict that the  CREATOR-GOD must be 3-in-1 in nature.

I must confess that I cannot hold brief for all the native 200 Gods and Goddesses of the Yoruba Ethnic Group and the Ones who were imported into Yorubaland from Asia.

However,  a little study of the GOD Who appeared in Human Form to Moses in the Burning Bush at Sinai in 1495BC appears to be TRIUNE in Nature.

As I confessed earlier on, not All GODS are 3-in-1.

The GOD Who (1)Calls Himself YaHWeH in Exodus 6:3 (2)Describes Himself as GOD of Abraham, GOD of Isaac, and GOD of Jacob exhibits SINGULARITY in PLURALITY and PLURALITY in SINGULARITY.

Hear HIM through HIS Scribe Moses:

“And ELOHIM (Hebrew plural for EL) said (Hebrew singular): Let US (plural) make Man in OUR (plural) Image (singular) and in OUR Likeness (singular)”. Nigeria Examination Council, West Africa Examination Council, and Joint Admissions Matriculation Board would have preferred “IN OUR IMAGES AND IN OUR LIKENESSES” but they would allow YAHWEH ELOHIM to get away with IN OUR IMAGE AND IN OUR LIKENESS, because YAHWEH (singular) ELOHIM (plural) exhibits SINGULARITY in PLURALITY and PLURALITY in SINGULARITY.


Anyway, since the Pot cannot question the Potter why the Potter has a flat nose, and the Sculpture cannot fault the structure of the Sculptor, I really don’t care if the CREATOR-GOD is 3-in-1 or 13-in-1.


What fascinates me about YaHWeH ELOHIM are:

  1. YHWH created me in HIS Image and Likeness
  2. YHWH created me to enjoy a relationship with HIM
  3. My SIN destroyed my relationship with YHWH
  4. Rather than wipe Me off because of my SIN, YHWH Himself reconnected Me to Himself through the Death and Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST.

Don’t ask me HOW YHWH did it, I can’t explain it. For the past 40years I have been trying to understand and explain how the American Government could raise the equivalent of 9,000,000  Naira through USAID, AFRICA AMERICA INSTITUTE, AFRICAN GRADUATE PROGRAMME, for my Doctoral Programme. I can’t explain it.

Similarly, I can not explain how YAHWEH ELOHIM granted Me Scholarship to Heaven through JESUS CHRIST (1 Peter 1:2), but I’m enjoying it.


Like the Slogan of the Defunct Nigeria Airways: “YOU TOO CAN FLY”, You too can fly to Heaven after death if you will just (1)Repent of your Sins

(2)Turn to YAHWEH…….

(3)Through JESUS CHRIST.


By Professor Durojaiye Adegboye

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